October 22, 2014

Mornings with Munchkin

One of my favorite parts of the day is morning.  We tend to be pretty laid back around here and we’ve fallen into a routine that works for us.  I realized today that we only have four weeks until this routine gets thrown out the window.  I’m so excited to meet Punkin and have her here but I’m still going to miss these mornings with Munchkin. I’m trying to soak them in and treasure them while I have them.

Many Waters Mornings with Munchkin

Munchkin is currently sleeping with us (yes, she has her own bed and can sleep in it but she still prefers ours).  I wake up several times a night and I love that I can just look over and check on her. I still like to check and make sure she’s breathing. More often than not The Man and Munchkin are sleeping in the same position, usually on their backs with one of their arms above their heads.  When morning comes The Man is usually up first to get ready for work (unless I’ve given up on sleep which sadly is happening more and more.)  Munchkin doesn’t have a set wake up time. She tends to wake up between seven and nine. If one of us is in bed with her she’ll sleep longer as she’ll see that you’re sleep and will go back to sleep.  If she’s alone she comes looking for you, often dragging her blanket with her.  I tend to stay in bed cause I’m trying to get all the rest I can.

Once she’s awake we often cuddle in bed.  She likes to snuggle up on to my pregnancy pillow and use my pillow cause I won’t let her during the night. Sometimes she’ll fall back asleep and sometimes we won’t. Sometimes Iggy might be close enough to her for her to grab his tail and then we talk about tails and paws and ears.  More often than not she has to give him a good morning hug. Iggy is so good with her and tolerates it. He lets her lay on him and hug him, pull his tail and ears and he just lays there and takes it.  When I got him he was so skittish that I never expected him to be so good with Munchkin (It’s all The Man’s influence I’m sure as he rough houses with him). 

Many Waters Iggy Hugs

Once she’s had enough of snuggling and kitty hugs she’ll say “I up!” and she’ll wait until I tell her she can get up.  Then she says “Mama up!”  If I don’t get up fast enough (which is most days) she’ll say it again.  Once I’m up she gets a clean bum and then breakfast.  At the moment she’s enjoying sharing my yogurt.  Sometimes she’ll want oatmeal or a banana or more yogurt.  We eat with cartoons on.  The Disney channel is on in the morning and we get our fill of Mickey Mouse Club, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins.  Once she’s done eating she’ll play and sometimes watch the cartoons.  I get some online time in.  I usually sweep and vacuum the pet hair up at some point in the morning.  I try to get to it before she gets all her toys out so it’s easier to get all the hair. 
Many Waters Watching TV

Most mornings we stay in PJ’s until lunchtime.  Munchkin really likes her pj’s, especially her princess nightgowns.  If we’re just staying home it’s not worth it to me to fight with her to try and change her.  If she’s happy, why bother her?  We only have few years until this isn’t a possibility any more so we’re enjoying it while we can.  I’m hoping some of it will carry over to when Punkin is here. 
Many Waters Morning train playing time


  1. Pssshaw. Who needs real clothes? ;)

  2. It will all become even more special once Punkin is here :) It'll take a little bit to get into the new routine, but it all works out.

    I still love our pajama days, but they are now limited to Saturday and days off school.

  3. :) I know it will work out but at this point it's still unknown. I know she'll fit in just fine but I'll still miss that one on one time with Munchkin. I'll just get it some other way:)


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