September 4, 2015

9 Months-Punkin

I'm having a hard time believing that my baby is nine months!  I must admit that I'm loving it.  I love that I can put her own and she'll (sometimes) play on her own or with her sister. Don't get me wrong, I love the newborn phase and the snuggles.  But six months and on is really my favorite. I love to see their personalities develop and interact with them.

Punkin is a super happy baby.  She's almost always happy.  Munchkin makes her cry the most, usually by pushing her out of the way. We've been working on it but sharing is not a strong point yet in our house. Punkin usually wants what her sister has because she thinks her big sister in the best.  Even though Munchkin makes her cry, she also gets the best giggles out of Punkin.  Munchkin is slowly learning to play at the table or in her room if she doesn't want Punkin getting into it.

At her nine month well baby appointment, Punkin was 19 lbs 11 oz and was 27.5 inches long.  She's continuing to cut teeth, with two more making an appearance in the last week. She now has four on the top and three on the bottom.  I'm kinda expecting one more on the bottom any day now.

She'll walk holding on to you or with her walking toy. She'll cruise holding on to something but isn't anywhere near steady enough to take steps on her own.  She does like to practice standing.  She's getting really good at standing on our mattress, as her favorite time to practice is when she should be going to sleep.  She also like to play in the cat's water bowl and she tries to eat their food.  I've lost count on how many times I've told her she's NOT a cat, even though she gets around on all fours like they do.  Munchkin is one fast crawler!

And I wrote all that two weeks ago.  We're now staring 10 months in the face.  Punkin has eight teeth and is acting like she's cutting more.  She's standing on her own and is SO CLOSE to taking her first step. So close.  She's so much better at standing now, which means she is getting into more things as well.  Munchkin is not thrilled with this development.  Even with this new found freedom I'm still wearing her a lot.  Between the teething and her preference to be near me, I'd get nothing done because more often than not Punkin wants to be touching me. (In the photo below, Top left, Lillebaby, top right, Erog, Bottom left Tula, bottom right Lillebaby.  All accessories were made by me.)  I love having her close so I don't mind at all.

I've pulled out 12 month clothes for her. She still fits in 9m clothing but some of my favorite dresses and outfits from Munchkin are 12m and if I don't put them on her now she'll never get to wear them!  She's still chunk-a-licious.  I love her chunky thighs.  They are so squeezable! I'm enjoying them while they last cause I know they're going bye-bye soon.  November is going to be here before I know it and then she'll be one.  It's so crazy to me how quickly they grow.

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