July 8, 2010

I confess...

...I did it.  I didn't mean too but the heat yesterday caught me by surprise and I forgot to water it.  I know that's just an excuse.  The poor parsley plant didn't do anything to deserve it.  I just have a mental block about remembering to water plants.  I was looking forward to enjoying the parsley in some homemade tabbouleh salad and now I'm planning a parsley funeral.

I love plants.  I love how God created the planet and the relationship between animals and plants.  However, God did not create me with a green thumb.  My thumb is black, as black as can be.  I've killed more plants than I can count.  I've killed cacti, veggies and flowers (please don't tell my father-in-law that I've killed the begonia he gave me!)  It's a good thing it's not a crime to kill plants cause I'd be in jail for a long time.  I don't know what it is.  Sometimes I kill a plant from overwatering, sometimes  forget to water and sometimes Iggymans eats the plant (he really enjoys spider plants and has developed a fondness for chives).

The good news is that my basil and chives are surviving.  The mint and cat nip are doing OK.  And some parsley is hanging on.  Maybe it shouldn't be in direct sunlight?  I should go look that up...

Do you enjoy growing things?  Are you good at it?  Any advice you'd like to share?


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