July 1, 2010

Summer, where are you?

This is the view we have today. Overcast, drizzly and chilly. Not exactly the summer weather I was hoping for. But seriously. It's July 1st and it's FREEZING. OK, it's not really freezing but it's only in the low 60's...that's pretty cold in my book for the summer. The rain isn't helping either. Oh, don't get me wrong, there are times when I like rain...a nice, warm rain. Even a thunderstorm at times. But the drizzly-don't-know-which-setting-to-use-on-the-windshield-wipers type of rain isn't my favorite. Neither is a make-you-cold-down-to-your-bones kind of rain. I'm very thankful for hot tea, warm sweats and a snuggling puppy today.

I was told yesterday that the nice weather will start after the 4th. Here's to hoping!


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