June 27, 2010


Surprises are fun and they abound when you've bought a house:) Last night The Man discovered raspberries growing next to our driveway. Super yummy.

When we first looked at the house we knew there was going to be some landscaping we wanted to do. The following picture isn't the best but you can see several of our bushes and the rather large area mystery area of plants on the left.

I was pleasantly surprised when the mystery area bloomed with pretty yellow flowers. My father-in-law told us it was St. John's Wort. I had only heard of the supplement and had never seen the plant...The Man and I have decided that it's going to stay though a fountain of some sort may make an appearance in the middle. Right now is a huge tangle of St. John's Wort, blackberry bushes, mini roses and some ferns. Who knows what it's hiding!

We are surrounded by TONS of black berry bushes. I'm looking forward to blackberry pie and jam this fall! The bushes are covered in white flowers at the moment and on some of them you can see the berries forming.

While we like many of the plants on our property, some of them need taming. We have a ginormous lilac bush. It smells wonderful when in bloom. We also have some runaway rose bushes. We think we're going to get rid of the ones by the driveway (they're going to be in the way of the garden) but we'll leave the ones growing wild in the blackberry bushes alone. For now anyway.

I didn't know lilac bushes got this big!

Our Goliath of a rosebush.


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