July 31, 2010

What's for dinner?

Sometimes I get tired of trying to figure out what to have for dinner.  I shouldn't...I have TONS of cookbooks and access to many easy and delicious Pampered Chef recipes but we sometimes get stuck in a rut.  So after having that dreaded conversation of what's for dinner (you know the one, where you go back and forth offering suggestions that the other doesn't want and it goes on...and on...and on...) we decided on grilled pizza.  And then I had a brilliant idea...calzones!  The Man shot it down initially but after thinking about it for awhile he got on board.  Score!

So making calzones start with The Man making the dough, then the sauce, (we like to make stuff from scratch around here!) grated the cheese and then got the other toppings together.  Hamburger, Kielbasa and Mushrooms for The Man,  and (microwave) roasted garlic, fresh basil, zucchini and hamburger for me.  Both of us had cheese and sauce too!

The making of the dough.
Getting started on the sauce...we love our kitchen tools!  I think he likes to make pizza since he gets to use the mixer & food processor!

My calzone before adding cheese and closing it.
 We realized once they were finished that we should have made them on the stoneware...moving them was fun!
 Yummy baking goodness!
The finished product! 
The Man and I both thought they were delicious and we will be making them again!  My bottom fell apart, either because the inside was too wet or the dough was too thin.  We'll make sure we have an even circle of dough rolled out next time.


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