August 15, 2010

A perfect way to spend a Sunday...

It was in the 90's in the Pacific Northwest today.  So we wanted to find some water for Miss Molly to play in (we figured she was super hot in her fur coat!).  We tend to head to Fort Worden in Port Townsend but since we've been there several times we wanted to try somewhere new.  We headed to Scenic beach in Seaback.  It was a bit rockier that we like but we did manage to find a bit of beach without a lot of people where we could let Miss Molly off her leash.  She LOVES the water.  I even managed to go in...thanks to The Man.  He insisted that I go in...and since he pushed me in I went!.

Miss Molly ready to go for a ride

This is why they call it Scenic Beach

Molly giving the ball to The Man

Hanging out in the water

Miss Molly doesn't mind the rocks!

An action shot

And when we got back it was still hot out.  The Man was in a baking mood so he made tortillas and tried to make hot dog & hamburger buns.  My living room is 92 degrees...and who know how hot the kitchen is.  I'm not complaining cause now I have yummy tortillas for the week!


  1. LOVE Ft. Worden. One of my favorite places to go on a nice day in WA.


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