September 19, 2010


With Grandpa in 2007
It's been a bit emotional here in Arkansas.  It has done my heart good to see my grandfather.  I hadn't seen him since October 2007 and except for being just a little bit thinner, he looks and sounds the same.  He was able to show me his house and the yard.  I had a wonderful walk with him around the yard.  I told him I was sorry for not visiting sooner and he told me it was ok.  Then he looked at me and said this is what I wanted.  A little land, a little house and peace.  I'm so glad that my grandfather has what he wanted.  He's puttering to his heart's content.  He just redid the bathroom (I wish he lived closer so he could help do ours!) and I think he's going to start in on the kitchen next.  Or his workshop.  He's enjoying living down here and I'm so glad about that.  He's in his 80's and after raising 8 kids I think he's earned some peace!
With Grandpa in 2010


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