September 15, 2010

People Watching

I spent an hour yesterday at the Naval Hospital and spend my time practicing my crocheting and people watching.  One of my favorite things to do when it's crowded is to people watch.  So I thought that it would be fun to make a list of good places to people watch...

1.  Pharmacy at the Naval Hospital (though it would probably be interesting at any MTF pharmacy).

I saw some interesting people yesterday.  My favorite was a woman in her mid twenties who had a bunch of tattoos and piercings.  She had 5 studs on the back of her neck...I didn't know you could get piercings on the back of your neck.  You learn something new everyday! 

2.  The Bermerton-Seattle Ferry

It takes an hour to get to other side and it's a great amount of time to watch the people traveling with you.  I've seen some interesting people and TONS of kids.  One of my favorites was a nicely dressed young women with a kitten in her rolling backpack.  It had a special place for the kitten.  The kitty wasn't too sure about the puppy sitting a few seat over.

3.  Outside the NEX & Commissary on base

It's a perfect set can get something from Starbucks and then go and sit at the tables.  Between 11 and 1 is the best time with people coming and going on their lunch break.  Granted it is a lot of guys in uniform but there's a good amount of parents with kids.  You'll also see plenty of elderly people depending on the time of month.  I love seeing them.  Many of them are holding hands. 

4.  County Fairs

I've only been to the Kitsap County Fair but I would think that any county fair would have great people watching opportunities.  They all have tons of people.  I was working at my booth and I had a wonderful view of all the people there to enjoy the fun.  There were all ages and all sorts of conversations going on.

5.  The Mall

Any mall will do.  There's bound to be people there.  There are often lots of teenagers though they aren't always fun to watch.  There should be clothes police though...some of the things those kids wear is amazing.

6.  The Airport.

This place is a jackpot for people watching with tons of people coming and going.  I'm amazed by what some people wear to travel.  I personally like to be comfy when I'm travel which is why I'm amazed when I see women dressed to the nines in heels.  I know you're sitting on the plane but there can be a lot of walking to and from gates.  I would twist an ankle.  And even though I like to be comfy I don't wear my pj's either like I've seen lots of people do.  It's also fun to speculate on where they're going and why.  You can often tell who's traveling on business and who's going on vacation.

7.  Any place that's busy.

All you need to people watch is people, so any busy place works.  Go to where the people are!

Do you like to people watch?  Where do you like to go to people watch?


  1. The airport/heels one is funny because another gal and I flew to Scotland to meet our men while they were deployed. I was the "comfy" one in jeans and sneakers, and this gal was in knee-high boots and a dress the whole time. It was over 24 hours of traveling and we had to go through security twice. And we still had to hit the bathroom to freshen up before actually finding the guys. Needless to say, I was much quicker.


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