September 29, 2010

Spider Web

You can't walk around outside for long without walking through a spider web.  They are everywhere.  As I sat down at my desk I saw this out my window and had to grab a camera to capture it.


  1. Gorgeous picture! Say, what kind of camera do you have? I have vague plans to buy a new one and am compiling a list of options.

  2. Thanks! I have a Canon of the first ones and I'm not sure what model is is exactly. That was using the lens that came with it. I do love my camera! I'm hoping to take a photography class at some point so I can learn to use it more! When I don't want to drag the "big camera" around I have a Sony cybershot which also takes great pictures. I'm a big fan cause I lost it in the snow, it got plowed and I found it 4 months later where a huge snow bank had been. It still works!

  3. That is an awesome picture!! You should take a photography class you are good at it and really enjoy it!

  4. Great picture! I love catching good shots unexpectedly!


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