October 27, 2010


Wow, I have 64followers.  I am in shock that that many of you want to read what I write!  I started the blog so family & friends would know how we're doing and it's turned into more than that.  I discovered the wonderful world of Milspouses and crafty people.  You guys rock!  I'm honored to have a place among you.

I though I'd tell you a little about myself since I haven't really done that.  I'm Poekitten, a name I've used on the web since high school.  It is the nickname of the cat I got when I was 16 and she now lives with my parents.  I tried to take her but my parents wouldn't let me since they said I "abandoned" her when I went to college.  I think they just got attached to her:)  The short story of my twenties is that I graduated college, taught English as a Second Language in Asia for a few years, taught in middle school in the public schools for a few years, married a submariner and moved cross country. 

And a few random things that are me:

1.  I love my kitties & puppy just a little too much.  You'll get to see plenty of pictures of them...more than you want probably!

2.  We recently bought a house and we LOVE being homeowners.  We have a long list of projects planned!

3.  I spend way too much time online.  Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook is a weakness of mine as is blog hopping

4.  I'm 30.  There are timess when I read some blogs I feel old.  Overall though I've enjoyed my 30th year and am looking forward to the adventures that my 30's hold!

5.  I think my husband is pretty amazing.  He's crazy, which works out just fine for cause I'm a little crazy too.

6.  I lived without a TV for several years.  We only have one now cause The Man requires one.  I do too now that we have Netflix.  I've watched all 11 seasons of Law & Order SVU.  I'm currently working on Law & Order: CI.  The Man & I are working on all the Mythbusters.

7.  My favorite TV show of all time is West Wing.  I own all seven seasons and watch them all, in order, a couple times a year.

8.  I don't mind doing laundry but I HATE folding it.  It tends to sit downstairs, clean and unfolded, in the basket for days at a time.  This is a pet peeve of The Man.

8.5.  The Man & I met online.  We dated for 4 months and were engaged for a year.  It would have been shorter if it hadn't been for a pesky deployment. 

9.  I dislike going to the dentist.  I hate oral surgery.  I've had way too much.  I'm good.  Forever I hope!

10.  Going along with the whole dentist thing is the fact that I walked around for 9 months missing 2 teeth.  In the front.  Yeah, that was fun.  I could have had fake teeth but they were more trouble than anything else.  I got my implants 4 days before meeting The Man for the 1st time.

Me missing 1 tooth (the second came out a few months later).  This was the day my mom got her kitty Dale Thomas, DT for short.  He's cute here.  He's now that fattest cat I have ever seen.  I like to call him Fat Cat.  Mom isn't amused!

So there ya have it, a little bit more about me.  Thanks again for reading!


  1. LOL, I sympathize! http://larissaroderick.blogspot.com/2010/02/update-head-to-toe.html

  2. Great post to get to know you better!

  3. It was nice to get to know you. I think a majority of subwives meet their husbands online. I did too!
    I come by way of Top 2 Tuesday and am happy to add your blog to my reader! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing!! It was nice to get to know you...I wondered how the name Poekitten came about =)

  5. I'm a subwife who met my husband online also. And I LOVE that you're 30 and have done other stuff with your life before Navy spousehood. I'm only 26 but I feel ancient sometimes!

  6. Thank you for sharing a little bit of you! It's always fun to get to know follow bloggers. Congrats on your 64 followers (I'm glad to be a part of that) and thank you for being my sole follower, my blog is very very new.. and to see that you became a follower was super exciting for me =0)

    OH... and don't feel bad about the pile of clean laundry in the basket... that's where mine lives too.


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