October 26, 2010

Dangerous Place

I've come to the realization that the Habitat for Humanity Builders Bargain store is a dangerous place (in a good way!)  You can find some amazing things there and they are CHEAP!  My favorite item to get is tile.  They have tons, in different colors and they are about 10 cents apiece.  I've been making coaster (I'll post about it soon!)  At the rate I'm going coaster are going to cover every surface in the house.  My husband might just put a ban on buying more tile!

I also found a cabinet door.  I saw this and thought that it was great.  And easy.  I can do that!  So I found my own cabinet door to make it with.  I just need to get some spray paint and decided what picture I'd like to use.  It could end up like the coasters though,with me making a bunch. 

What's great about the store is that besides helping me by crafty, 100% of the proceeds go towards building houses.  I read on the site that the store is usually able to provide the funds for 2 Habitat for Humanity houses a year.  How cool is that?  I also love the fact that it's cheap and it helps YOU with projects at your house while keeping costs down.  Cause if I've learned anything since becoming a homeowner, it's that doing stuff around the house tends to be expensive!


  1. I wish they had one of those around here!

  2. I love the cabinet project, I just might have to make one myself!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my site recently. Where does your Compassion child live? Visiting my little girl in the Philippines was such an amazing experience.

  4. I tend to frequent Goodwill and "independent" thrift and charity shops. I'm with you. A significant percentage of my home decor originated in those shopping destinations! It always makes me feel so triumphant to find a good deal.


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