October 18, 2010

Decimating a Pumpkin, Part III

I love pumpkins.  There' s just something about them.  I love going to farm stand to get my pumpkin.  Going out in the field to pick it works too.  Unfortunately Kitsap County is lacking in pumpkins this year.  One didn't have a good crop and another had a family death, so both are closed.  I'm sure there are others but we don't know about them.  So we went to Safeway.  The ambiance was lacking but the selection was pretty good, considering it's a grocery store.
The Man's 2009 Pumpkin
 We can't have uncarved pumpkins at home for very long.  Last year we bought our pumpkins the first weekend in October and carved them.  They didn't make it to Halloween.  This year we were a little smarter and waited till the middle of the month.  The Man LOVES to carve pumpkins.  Last year he did a skull pirate thing.  I hadn't carved in years and did the traditional triangles for eyes Jack O'Lantern.

We had a hard time deciding what to carve this year.  The Man did a face...free hand.  I was boring once again and did a traditional face.  Again.  With triangle eyes.  What can I say, I'm consistent!  And I drew mine on first...I'm not as good as The Man at doing free hand!

Here are a few photos of our fun:

Our pumpkins
Where we did our work
Time to clean out the pumpkin!

The Man gets some Molly help.
Hard at work
The finished product.


  1. Ooh, I like yours! I just carved my pumpkin last night. I used a stencil thing, so I know how you feel. I think I'm gonna do a linky for all the pumpkin carvers out there when I post about mine, so link up!


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