October 16, 2010

Dinner Time

I like to eat dinner at the dining room table.  Don't get me wrong, I like eating in front of the TV too.  Sometimes.  When we eat in front of of the TV we're not only eating and watching TV, we're usually both on our computers as well.  We talk, a little, but our attention is divided between each other, the food, the computer and the TV. What can I say, we're good at multi-tasking.

When we eat at the dining room table we're able to focus on each other and the food.  I enjoy the food we're eating and my attention is undivided and is focused on my husband.  We're able to catch up on our days and talk more in depth.   We enjoy each other. 

We like to set the table nicely with a table runner, place mats and cloth napkins. We tend to light candles as well.  Instead of putting all the food on the table we prepare the plates in the kitchen and bring the plates to the table.

In the midst of a crazy day, a crazy week, a crazy month, a crazy life, eating dinner is a time to reconnect and refocus.  We try to do weekly devotions together too.  We've found that doing them at the end of dinner is a great time since we're already together and away from the TV and computers.  We've been going through Devotions for a Sacred Marriage by Gary L. Thomas.  This is a wonderful book that explores the idea that marriage is to make us holy, not happy.

How often do you eat together as a family?  What do you enjoy about it?


  1. Every night, as long as he's not deployed (or babysitting a stupid nuclear reactor, aka duty). It's important to me that we all eat dinner as a family, even though the kids are too young to care. My family always did and we would talk for hours. I do the same with my family because between all that goes into getting the kids ready for bed, it's the only time the four of us get to chat and relax together.

    We definitely have some good memories sitting around the dining table! However, my table doesn't look nearly as nice- right now my tablecloth is covered in coffee rings and orange & green marker, ha.

  2. Us too. Every night, for dinner... It's our family time and our chance to catch up during the day and talk about things that happened. I like doing it for our daughter to, get her in the habit that even though we live in a really fast paced, technological loving world, we still need to take time out of each day to stop and be family. :)

  3. We eat at the table every night also. I grew up in a family where that only happened about once a week (my mom travels a lot for work), but Hubs' family did it every night (thanks to his SAHM). I don't allow the TV to be on during that time unless it's the music video channel. We do bring all the food to the table, unless it's something like tacos. A lot of times we just eat in silence because we've run out of things to say, but that's fine with both of us. We will be starting family meetings/Bible study soon, probably after our Sunday night dinner.

    Also, the rule is that if you didn't cook (or help), you have to take care of the dishes! That rule will stand forever, especially when we have kids. Right now, it keeps me from feeling like a slave.

  4. We eat at the kitchen most nights. There is the rare occasion that we eat on the couch in front of the TV, but its not often. Usually when we order take-out or have pizza we're in front of the TV, but that's because its the weekend and we're watching a movie.

  5. Wow, I have never heard of that Devotion Book before...I am so excited! I have heard of his book Sacred Marriage (and I own it, although I have yet to read it...arg!). I love how he drives home that point though that marriage is not about happiness but about God desiring to refine us and make us holy! So, I am so going to look into getting that book! And I am a huge one for eating dinner at the table, also! Although it never looks as cute as yours ;) mainly because my 2 little ones would destroy it in seconds, lol. But as a kid we always ate in front of the TV, never at the table, at I vowed it would be of utmost importance to do the opposite in our home! I am stopping by from the Round UP! It's nice to meet you =) I am so thankful when I can meet other Christian Military Wives and connect with them! Have a great weekend!

  6. I have heard of Sacred Marriage before and heard good things. We are not a diningroom table family. Honestly, I get more out of SoldierMan on the couch. :) He's so used to chowing down and getting out at a table setting, he's more relaxed and leisurely elsewhere. Weird, huh?

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