November 12, 2010

A Month of Thanks; Choice

As Americans, we have an amazing amount of choice.  We can choose where to go to school, what to study, what to think, what to believe, when to take vacation, what kind of peanut butter to buy, who to marry.  The list goes on.  There are times when I'm overwhelmed by the choices I have.

As silly as it seems, there are times that I'm overwhelmed with the amount of choices at the grocery store.  One of the reasons I prefer to shop at the commissary is that there aren't as many options.  I'm okay with less options.  It's a leftover response to living in Asia.  I didn't have as many choices.  I was lucky to get peanut butter or cheese, it didn't matter what kind it was.  In Viet Nam I could get Gouda cheese.  I had Gouda mac & cheese, Gouda pizza, Gouda grilled cheese.  I didn't have all the options.  Same with bread or yogurt or peanut butter.  Many western foods were a luxury.  I cried in the grocery store when I got back because I was overwhelmed.  I also cried in the Wonderful World of Disney at the Disney Marketplace when I went in 05.  It was 5 months after I moved back to the US and I was just overwhelmed.  There were too many choices.  There were too many things.

Compared to some people all of our choices are a luxury.  There are people who can't choose who to marry.  They can't choose their career.  They can't choose what school to go to or what to study.  There are those who don't get vacation time.  There are those who can't choose what religion to follow. 

I'm thankful that I am able to make choices for my life, for my family.  I like to get advice from family & friends but ultimately it's up to me. It's a large responsibility but one I'm thankful for.

What choice are you thankful for?

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  1. I can relate with the whole "choices" issue. After living in Japan I came home for a visit - my sister asked for a peperoni stick at one of the gas stations. I went in and stood there.... I had no idea which one to pick! Once you live overseas it is amazing to return to the US and find everything you wanted (except a few of the local fares you enjoyed while in the other country)

  2. I haven't had your Asia experience, but I've definitely gotten overwhelmed at the grocery store!

    But you're right, it is awesome to have choices! Especially when it comes to marriage and jobs.


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