November 17, 2010

A Month of Thanks; Clean Water

I'm so thankful for clean water.  I'm thankful that we can drink water out of the tap.  We don't have to worry abut getting sick if we drink it, bathe in it or clean with it.  Being able to drink the water out of the tap is not normal for many countries in the world.  I've lived in a couple and visited a few more.  The water is ok for washing dishes and cleaning clothes but not safe to drink.  It's okay to shower in as long as you don't drink it.  There are countries where you can't use the tap water to brush your teeth.  People will either boil their water or buy bottled.  It's something that becomes routine.

There are also places that don't have water they can use nearby.  They have to walk, sometimes for miles, to get clean, usable water.  How much would they enjoy having water piped directly to where they live that they can use for all their water needs?

All we have to do is turn on the tap and we have all the water we want.  I'm so thankful that water is not something I have to worry about.

What are you thankful for today?


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