November 18, 2010

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Since I was going to be gone for awhile and The Man was going to be working and have several duty days while I was gone, I brought Miss Molly with me.  She doesn't do well when she's alone for long periods of time...she's a people puppy.  She loves riding in the car and I knew she would be fine during the long drive.

The challenge came when we got to my parent's house.  My parents have a beagle names Joey.  He's 3 and absolutly adorable.  He has tons of energy.  He doesn't walk, he trots.  He jumps a lot and loves to be in your lap.  He howls when he's left alone.  In many ways he's the opposite of Miss Molly.  I was a little nervous about them spending 2 weeks together in the same house as Molly doesn't always get along with other dogs. 

Their intial meeting went well.  It was outside and there was plenty of room for them to sniff each other but to also run around and give them each some space.  They are doing really well.  The only problem was when Molly was eating and Joey went to eat out of the same bowl.  Miss Molly didn't like that and I don't blame her.  She barked and started to attack but Joey cowered and gave way.  Joey's a resuce dog and my parents think he as abused at some point.  Anyway after that incident they were fine.  Molly gives a little growl if he gets to close while he's hyper.  It's a warning growl and not mean.

The only other issue is jealousy.  Miss Molly doesn't like it when I give Joey any attention or take him outside with us.  She mopes when I pet him and gives a little growl when we go outside together.  Joey needs to be on a leash since he's beagle and will run off.  Molly doesn't like sharing me.  I've been alternating taking them out together and then her alone.  Joey doesn't understand why he can't go out too!  He stays at the door and watches us.  It's very cute. 

Miss Molly has decided that she likes Joey's bed too.  Joey doesn't seem to mind since he usually sleeps on with my dad, curled up next to him. 

Overall I'm thankful that t hey are getting along well.  I think though that Miss Molly is going to remain the only pup in our house.  I think 2 cats and a dog are more than enough!


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