November 8, 2010

A Month Of Thanks; Technology

The technology we have now  is pretty cool.  I was talking to a college friend the other day and we were talking about how we didn't have Facebook in college.  It's kinda crazy to think about.  How did we procrastinate?  Actually it wasn't all the hard to procrastinate without it...we managed just fine!  We also laughed about how we didn't have digital cameras.  We took pictures the old fashioned way...with film.  I have tons of negatives from college!  I'm not sure what to do with them...

A Walkman similar to the one I had

It's really nice to have email and Facebook and Skype to get in touch with family & friends.  It's nice to have a cell phone so we have the ability to call people even when we're on the road.  It's really nice that my phone number didn't change when I moved cross country!  How much easier is it to pay bills online and not mail them in?  It's great that we don't have to rent movies from a store anymore but can stream them over the Wii.  It's nice the have the Wii for entertainment.  And how about those iPods?  Someone told me the other day that Sony has stopped making Walkmans and she told that to someone but they didn't know what a walkman was.  Am I that old?  Walkman's  were awesome when I was a kid!  I had the best one too...bright yellow (it was water resistant) but it had TWO headphone jacks.  When my friends & I would go camping we would use mine cause then 4 of could listen to the same music as we fell asleep.  Those were fun times people, fun times.

I have to admit that while The Man was deployed I was most thankful for email and my cell phone.  I loved being able to send him email daily, even if I didn't get one for weeks.  I loved getting one and it would make my day.  I also took to carrying my cell phone around since I never knew when he would call.  I was still able to go out and friends and get stuff done cause I didn't have to worry about missing a phone call.  And now that I'm on the other side of the country, it's so nice to have skype so I can show my family that yes, I'm still alive and doing fine!  There are so many things that I just take for granted now...I'm thankful we have them!

What technology are you thankful for?  Why?

Don't forget to link up if you've written about something you're thankful for!  You can link up here. I don't have a fancy button but I would love to read what you are thankful for!


  1. You should be able to take your negatives to walgreens or someplace like that and they can put them on a CD so you can then download your pics as digital images. Just a suggestion. I still think of doing that for my pics taken in Australia.


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