November 29, 2010

On the Road

We've made it to St. Louis!  Which I just found out was rated the most dangerous city in America.   It didn't seem to bad while we were here, though we did see a cop pulling someone over.  Our take down tally so far for the trip is a day isn't a bad record.  As long as we're not the ones being pulled over! 

Anywho, the Arch has been seen and experienced!  It was fun, especially the part where we got stuck in the tram.  The trams are these tiny little things that most normal people have to crouch into.  Since I'm short I was ok.  We got in, the doors closed and then...nothing.  We waited and then a voice came over the speakers saying that there was a mechanical failure and that the repair department was working on it.  We sat there for 3 more minutes and then they opened the doors and let us out.  It turns out we were the problem was tilted.  They fixed it and we all got back in.  We were with a dating couple that feed each other on the trip up.  Awkward anyone?  We tried to be nice but they didn't want to talk to us.

We spent a little time at the top enjoying the view.  Then we headed back down.  This time we were joined by three men in the tram.  They didn't want to talk to us either.  Meg couldn't understand it...two cute girls that no one wanted to talk too?!?!  We're friendly even if we're from New England!  Their loss.

I took a few more photos...

Hi Columbus!

For Meg

We enjoyed the land of Lincoln...even if it did go on forever!

Effingham...the Crossroads of Opportunity.  We found it amusing.

E. St. Louis & St. Louis are 1 mile apart

Then they were 3 miles apart!  Did they move while we were driving?

We were so happy to get to Missouri!

The Gateway Arch

Us at the bottom of the North Tower

View from the top

The viewing hallway

Shadow of the arch on the Mississippi

For The Man...been trying to get a picture of it!  Can't wait to see it!

St. Louis sunset
Next stop, Amarillo, TX.  We're planning on stopping by Cadillac RanchCat suggested it and it sounds like fun.  We have spray paint and are ready to go!  The next leg brings another new state...Oklahoma!  That will make two so far...Missouri was the other new one for me.  There are a couple more coming too.  Hope you have a great day!


  1. I super excited for the new Chronicles of Narnia as well. Glad your trip is going so well.

  2. I love the pictures of the Arch!! I've always wanted to go there!!

  3. Looks like you're having fun so far! Sorry the Man couldn't accompany you, but I'm glad a friend could. Have fun spray-painting :)


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