November 30, 2010

On the Road...Again

 We made it to Amarillo!  It was a long, 12 1/2 hour drive but we made it.  We're both pretty tired.  We got in after dark so we haven't hit Cadillac Ranch yet...that will happen on our way out of town.

We enjoyed driving on what used to be Route 66.  We had a great time laughing at some billboards.  The littlest things amuse's doesn't take much.  I'll share some of the photos that made us laugh.  If you're offended, I apologize.  What can I say, we're from New England and don't get out much.  At some point I'll share funny quotes and signs from the trip as well as the results of our License plate game. 

 Pictures from the day:
Our mileage at the beginning of the day
There's cheap gas in MO!

Molly's been holding out on us...she never told us she sells fireworks!

Really?  A Vacuum cleaner museum? 

Chickens enjoying the breeze.  We had chicken feathers flying at us.

They read Hot and Cold.  Why do we need to know that?

Beware of the feral hogs!

Still stuck in the car

Do you have to pay somewhere else?

We loved how they promoted the towns!

Next stop:  Flagstaff, Arizona.  New states along the way:  New Mexico & Arizona.  YAY for new states:)  I wonder if they have free bathrooms?


  1. Yay! New Mexico! If you go through Albuquerque honk and maybe I'll hear you. LOL

  2. Since you drove through here you understand what its like living where I live. They tote things like the World's Largest Rocking Chair and Vacuum Cleaner Museums! I also always thought it was funny the way Oklahoma "advertises" their towns.

  3. Vacuum cleaner museum sounds like a classic 'ball of twine' type of attraction (sad I missed it!). As for free have to pay with quarters to use the showers at the Grand Canyon campgrounds.

    Gas was that cheap in GA when I was there, and stupid me didn't fill up!


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