November 23, 2010


Foxboro, MA 2008

There's no snow where I'm at right now.  It's sunny and supposed to get into the 60's today.   What great fall weather!  I'm totally loving it.  If you've been watching the weather at all (facebook too, depending on where your friends are) than you might have heard about the snow in Western WA.  From what I'm hearing, it sounds like they've closed down everything.  Except the roads but you should stay off of them cause they aren't salted or sanded (it could hurt the fishies).  And they don't get plowed.  Not sure what the reasoning is behind that one but it would help!

I grew up with snow and I can drive in it.  I just don't like it very much anymore.  It's pretty to look at but I hate shoveling it.  I'm happy that I'm missing it.  I missed all the snow on the east coast last year...I'm loving this new track record of  mine!  If only it could stay intact by not snowing in WA for the rest of the winter...

Do you like snow?  Why/Why not?

My apartment building, Foxboro, MA, 2008


  1. I LOVE looking out my window and seeing the snow. I HATE driving in it. Be glad you are away. We live 20 miles from the base and it took hubby almost 2 hours to get home last night. So many sports cars with Florida tags in the ditch. :) No fun. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I do like snow... but only when I don't have anyplace important to go and can actually enjoy it. I can drive in it, but don't like to 'cause I've had scary experiences. Now living in NM we hardly ever get snow and if there is even the slightest dusting in ABQ everything gets delayed 2 hours.

  3. I love the snow!! I miss it very much. I still get really giddy when I see the first snow fall because that means it's skiing season. But, I did really hate seeing it stick around so long- when I graduated college in NH, it snowed three days before my graduation... in late May. I've grown up with snow in the winter, so it feels like home now, and these winters without it are so bizaare to me. :)

  4. I love snow when i don't have to go anywhere. But if it gets the Mr stuck up in WA or me not able to get home from work safely then i hate it. :)

  5. Having lived most of my years in the Deep South, we rarely got snow; so living in CO where I woke up to snow today was wonderful! I'm one of those who drives about 5mph in it, though :-D


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