November 24, 2010

A Month of Thanks; Books

I'm thankful for books.  I love books.  Growing up, I remember my mom reading a lot.  I remember wanting to read so I could be like her.  I was so excited when I learned to read.  Once I learned I read all the time.  When my chores weren't getting done my parents would take away my books until they were done.  I remember staying up late reading by the crack of light streaming into my room through the slightly open door.

I still love to read today.  I'm currently ready Harry Potter-again.  While I enjoy the Harry Potter movies, I love the books.  I have many favorite authors and am willing to read most genres as long as it's not horror.  I hate to be scared.  I read for fun, to lose myself in the story.  If the story is good, I'll reread the book.  I've read the Harry Potter series at least 8 times since I got them for Christmas last year.  The Man finds it amusing when I pick up the series again.  I was anti Harry Potter until he wanted to watch the Half Blood Prince last year when it was in theatres.  I saw it and then had to see the other movies.  Once I had seen the other movies I HAD to read the books.  I was hooked before I had read 3 chapters. 

I'm thankful that I know how to read.  While living overseas I had a taste of what it was like to illiterate.  It's hard!  It's hard to not be able to read anything.  Not road signs.  Nothing while at the post office or when trying to fill out forms.  It's not fun always relying on other people to help you out.  You feel stupid and unable to do things for yourself.  Teaching someone to read in empowering.  It allows them to have freedom and independence.  I'm so thankful I have the skill of reading and all the benefits that come with it.


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