November 13, 2010

We Have Arrived!

Dad & I arrived in MA today!  We were so glad to get here.  We were going to try to get here last night but we decided to spend the night in NY.  Dad was driving and I resting my eyes in the passenager seat when I felt the car going to the left.  I opened my eyes and saw that Dad was asleep at the wheel!  I yelled his name and woke him up and he corrected the car before we went into the median.  It was close.  We then switched so I could drive.  At that point we were 7 hours away and I knew I didn't have it in me to drive all that.  While I was disappointed to stop, it was better to be safe.

Dad's dog Joey was so happy to see him!  Miss Molly & Joey are getting along pretty well.  He's very energetic and jumps like tigger.  Molly doesn't love that a growls a little.  Other than that they are getting along. 

I do have some more pictures but they are still on my camera.  Another small problem is that I can't get my computer to access the internet at my parent's house, so I'm on my mom's computer.  I may be camping out at Panera or Borders to do work & blog stuff.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I'm so happy to hear you made it safe!

  2. Thank the Lord that you made it safe. Hanging out at Panera or Borders doesn't sound too bad though. =) Enjoy your stay!

  3. I am glad that you are safe! Not that it's funny, but I had to laugh when I read this because a few years ago I was on a roadtrip with my dad, and I woke up to see us pulling off at a rest-stop (we had just stopped an hour before) and I asked why we were stopping and he said "Oh I feel asleep for a second back there!" Haha glad everyone is safe!

  4. Welcome back to New England! We're (almost) neighbors now. :)


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