December 30, 2010

#54. Paint the Sewing Room

I'm happy to report that #54 of my 101 list has been completed!  The sewing room is our third bedroom downstairs.  When we bought the house the room was painted white.  Boring.  It used to have carpet but when the washer machine overflowed the rug got wet and we removed it so it wouldn't mold.  It wasn't the best carpet and we were going to replace it eventually.  We're actually pretty happy with the bare concrete instead.  The was also a mess since I never really unpacked.

From the doorway
The closet
The doorway

It took me a while to pick out the colors.   I had hoped that The Man would help me paint but I did it myself (thank you duty day).  He was amazing and put up the crown molding.  I love crown molding.  I think it has to do with the fact that my parent's house is at least 130 years old and full of crown molding.  It adds a nice finishing touch to a room.  If I have my way there will be crown molding in every room in the house...except the bathroom.  We'll see if The Man agrees to put that much up!

Bye Bye boring white!
Miss Molly keeps me company

Putting up crown molding
Iggymans supervises from the window
Anyways, we still need to put down flooring.  The one we really like has to be special ordered and I want to make sure that that's the one we really want.  At some point The Man is going to build me some more storage and after that we'll put in better lighting...thank goodness I have two true lights for extra lighting!  I think this is going to be the never ending project room.

And now for the finished (for now!) product:

The door

Repainted bookshelves

My cutting table

My sewing table
It's been painted since mid-October.  I just got the motivation to get it organized and stuff put away.  It's not perfect and still a little messy (you should see the closet!) but I'm able to do stuff down there now.  I have curtains, pillows, table runners and place mats to make.  I'm so thankful that I have a sewing room!  I'm a little spoiled by it.  I know that I'll have to give it up someday as it is our third bedroom.  I'm going to enjoy it while I have it!

Where do you do your crafty stuff?  


  1. That is a great color! I have a craft table that also has my laptop/printer on it.

  2. I love the color that you chose! And you're right, crown molding just adds the finishing touch! I'm not much of a crafter, but I've been in the mood to craft something. I'm still working on organizing some things, and I would love to make one room a craft room!

  3. I love the color and I agree that crown molding really finishes off a room. I hope in our next house we can have a craft room for me!!

  4. It looks amazing! I've heard that crown molding is pretty tricky to put up. Did you (or your husband, I guess?) think it was difficult? It really makes the whole room!


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