December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

As 2010 comes to a close, I thought it was be a good idea to do a year in review (like everyone else).  So without further ado, I present our Top Ten 2010 Moments:

1.  We completed one full year of marriage.  We were married in August of 2009, so 2010 was our first complete year.   I'm very much looking forward to celebrating another New Year's with my love.

New Year's Eve 2009

2.  We bought a house.  There are times when I'll just stop and look around in amazement that we actually bought a house.  We love it.  It's perfect for us and we love being homeowners.  We changed some things and are looking forward to continuing to leave our mark on it.

3.  We added Miss Molly to our family.  Before buying our house we lived on base and were only allowed two pets.  We had Edgar & Allen so we couldn't get a dog.  We picked up Molly the day after we completely moved into our house.  She fits in perfectly and feel like she's been apart of our family longer than 7 months.

4.  Time together.  I love spending time with The Man.  It doesn't matter what we do I like doing it with him.  From hanging out at home to exploring the Pacific Northwest, we've had a great time. 

5.  Creation Northwest 2010.  For our anniversary we went to Creation.  It's a huge christian music festival and I have wanted to go since I was in high school.  I thought it was only held in PA but nope, they have one in WA too!  Our favorite bands that played were The David Crowder Band, Toby Mac & The Newsboys.  Both Toby Mac & Newboys played Jesus Freak...take me back to my teen years!

6.  I got my car back!  I had been driving my mom's Jeep and so I drove it cross country so she could have it back.  I got to drive my car home.  I miss having the Jeep for it's size but I LOVE my car.  It's saving us a ton of money for gas too!

7.  The Man was home in time for Christmas!  He was truly the best Christmas present I got.  I did get some others that were pretty good too!  The Kindle tops the list...although I'm very much enjoying the new clothes and the new iPod speakers.

Christmas morning 2010

8.  The Man became a friend of Bill's.  This is going to have a lasting impact on our lives and marriage.  We're both happy about it.

9.  Exploration.  Neither of us have lived in this area so it's not unusual for us to take day trips to explore the area.  We've done some fun stuff in Seattle, like the aquarium and a harbor cruise and we've driven 101 and spent time in Ocean Shores.  We've also been to Eugene, OR a few times and we like to stop at different places along the way.  We love making random stops and finding new places!

10.  Thanksgiving with my family.  The Man wasn't able to be with us for Thanksgiving, but I loved being with my family.  I hadn't seen my Aunt, cousin & her family since my wedding in August 09 so quality time together was long overdue.  It was great.  I'm blessed by an amazing, supportive family.  They are the best!

Nieces & Nephew playing with Molly at Thanksgiving

What are some of your best moments from 2010?


  1. I definitely rank my brother's wedding as one of the best times of 2010. He had been dating my (now) sister-in-law since high school - about 9 years. I am so happy she's officially one of the family! Happy New Year!

  2. WOW! Did I miss a post that you went to Creation this year?! So much fun! Glad you enjoyed it. I went in 2001.... ahhh... good memories! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


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