December 18, 2010

Animal Take Over

Since The Man isn't home, I've been letting Miss Molly sleep on the bed with me.  It started while we were driving cross country.  She looked at me with her big, brown puppy dog eyes.  Even though I had her comforter that doubles as her bed, she still begged to sleep with me.  I let her.  Now that we're home, she still looks at me with those big, brown  eyes.  I cave, cause I'm a softie.  The only problem is now that we're home, the cats join us.  They've always slept on the bed with me, ever since I brought them home as 3 month old kittens.  They've adjusted very well to sharing the bed with Molly.

There is only one problem with all of this.  Between the three of them, there isn't always room for me.  We have a queen size bed and they like to take up a big portion of it. 

Is it any wonder I have a hard time sleeping sometimes?

I can and do move the cats.  They glare at me and then find another place to settle into.  The real problem will start when The Man comes home.  There's no way that there is room in the bed for all 5 of us.  Someone's going to get the boot.  I'm hoping Miss Molly is adjust.  She's not going to be happy!

If you have pets, do you let them sleep on the bed?


  1. Hahahah you may think that now, but our bed has the 2 of us, a cat, and two dogs (one being 80 pounds and the other 45!!!) It's snug, but they make it work!! The things we do for our babies :-)

  2. I should have let the dog sleep in my bed when the Soldier left, but no, I had to let the 3yo in. I am such an idiot! I should know better since this in #6. I guess I have a year to break her of it, so hopefully it won't be too bad.

  3. No. If I did, I'd not have any room. Can you imagine three large dogs which weigh, in total, nearly 300 pounds on our bed? Plus, they snore and would keep me awake ;)

    Last night I had to kick them out of the bedroom just for that reason. Oh, and one of them is yipping in his sleep right now. Yet another reason for no dogs in the bed!

  4. Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.... I had shedding season and waking up with hair all over me

  5. Yep... most nights it is us fighting for space around our 3 cats... 2 of which are 20 pounders. You can guess who loses and ends up sleeping on the edge of the bed.

  6. Yes, I have two cats at my feet (out of my 6!) and my little toy poodle between me and hubbys pillows! I love it!!!

  7. YES!!!! we have 2 dachshunds...aka wiener dogs...and they not only sleep on the bed, they get under the covers and snuggle with us. My hubby isnt a fan of that but he has learned to live with it!

  8. this has been an age old problem in my home(s)... my pets offer me unconditional love always... and i spent much of my life sans a man.... it was always my dogs in bed sleeping with me... so my ol'goat (husband) has had to adjust,and i must say he's adapted well ;) lucky for him ha!

  9. New follower here!
    That photo of your cats and dog on your bed is hysterical! I imagine you'd have to sleep in an "S" shape in order to accomodate them!

    We have one cat, and she does sleep in our bed with us. She is a total space-hog and oftentimes sleeps in between us, totally stretched out, so that The Hubs and I are balancing precariously on either end of the bed.

    She rules the house...we just pay the bills. ;)

  10. We just stopped our dog from sleeping in the bed with us because I would let him get comfy and move around him, he took up my entire side! Then add in my husband, it broke my heart to keep him off the first week but luckily we bought him a temperpedic dog bed and he loves it.

  11. We have Caralyn in our bed with us still (soon to change! Bottles are gone...her room is almost done...sleeping alone will be next!) but Sparrow does come and sleep with us sometimes still...he doesn't like Caralyn moving around so much, but has always loved sleeping with us.

    Right now he mainly sleeps in my bathroom or on my dirty clothes, but he also sleeps with Alaric in his crib (at the foot and on the blanket...Ric seems to love this!)


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