December 17, 2010


I wish I knew where mine went.  I have no motivation to do anything around the house.  There is dog hair taking over, dishes overflowing in the sink, a stinky kitty box, mounds of dirty laundry and piles of cardboard boxes.  I have no desire to do anything about any of it.  Since it 's just me here and I don't mind it, it just sits there.  I know I should clean and make the house nice but I don't wanna.  All I want to do is go online, crochet and watch West Wing (I'm now in season 4).  Or have my husband come home.  That would work too.  Then I would have to clean the house...

Oh motivation, please come back.

A side note:  I did meet a friend for coffee today.  On the way home I stopped at the bakery outlet.  Big mistake.  For $10.62, I walked out with the following:

I just wanted to get some bread to eat with some artichoke dip I had.  I ended up with bread, English muffins, Garlic Cheese biscuit mix, Apple Cinnamon oatmeal, raspberry filled chocolate donuts and Christmas tree cakes.  Now I can sit on my butt, be online, watch West Wing and fill my face with carbs.  Score!

Edit:  I did make some broth in the crockpot, cleaned the cat box, ran the dishwasher, took some of the boxes outside for The Man to deal with when he gets home and did two loads of laundry.  So at least the clean laundry pile is larger than the dirty laundry pile.  I wish I had a laundry fairy to fold it...


  1. I've hit a slump this week. Cooking and cleaning have been ROUGH.

    Folding laundry is the worst. chore. ever. I love doing laundry, but folding it is horrible.

  2. Same here on laundry. I despise it with such a passion I think it had to be something evil that created it.

  3. oh wow finally someone I can relate to... my hubby is overseas and seems as if my motivation went with him... you should see my clean laundry pile :o

  4. Uh, yeah. I have no motivation other than to just blog & work on my wedding. I figure in a few weeks I'll get my motivation back once I'm back from the honeymoon. Although, I'll never have motivation to do laundry.

  5. I've been like that lately. I keep looking around and briefly feeling guilty but then I just shrug and go back to my computer hahaha.

    Things'll get done eventually.

  6. hey i am visiting from Amanda & Don's "Saturday Around The World"...writing you from chilly MD.
    I cant believe you got all of that for only $10! We need something like that here! I lack motivation a lot too, I just have other things that i feel like doing than cleaning! haha like blogging for instance!!

  7. Ha.... sounds like my week! It's all I can do to get my cookies baked for gift boxes that have to be finished bt Sunday.

  8. I hate when the Laundry, Dish, and Cleaning fairies miss the memos and forget to show up. It really puts a cramp in my day.

  9. A laundry fairy would definitely be awesome. She would be super busy though. Maybe there actually is one, but there's just one, so she's just been too busy to visit you yet. Or me... lol

  10. We like the same thing! Motivation...Takes a lot of work ! Love your blog and you are very cute. Like your posts.

    Come say hi and follow me back.
    Happy blog hop !

  11. As long as you put it away, I'll fold it! That's the only part of laundry I don't really like doing...putting it away! Yuck!


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