December 31, 2010

BBC-The Hunger Games, Week 2

YAY for the next round of questions!  I've been waiting for them as I'm rereading the book along with the questions.  If I don't do it this way, I'll read them all in a day or two again.  I'm enjoying the book as much the second time as I did the first.  If you haven't read should!

1. What do you think about Katniss getting an 11? Did they give her an 11 for her talent or simply to make her a target and teach her a lesson?

I think it was a little bit of both.  She surprised them when she sent the arrow through the apple.  She's a GREAT shot.  I don't think they any of them doubted that she could have killed them if she wanted too.  That's where the lesson comes in.

2. What do you think about Peeta confessing his love for Katniss during his interview!?! Is it real, or just for show?

I think it's real.  He's been in love with Katniss for years.  I also think it was part of the plan to reveal that if he got the chance.  I think this is why he wanted to have the last part of the training separate from Katniss.  He want to try to protect her and help her in anyway he can.  If this will help then he'll use it.  When it comes to The Games, a lot is about show.  Does it matter if it will get them an advantage to help at least one of them stay alive?

 3. At one point Katniss is trying to think of where the games are going to be. She thinks of a desert, swamp and a frigid wasteland. Where did you imagine it would be before you read it in the books? Do you think they picked the "right" place?

I didn't really try to figure out what kind of arena they would be put into.  The author spends a decent amount of time showing us Katniss's strengths.  I was expecting a place that would allow her strengths to be used.  Why have her as a main character if you're going to kill her off right away?  I wasn't surprised by the chosen allows Katniss (and Peeta as well as Rue) use their strengths while also challenging them. 

I have to go on a small tangent...

How horrible that the arenas are considered historic sites!  Places where you can go and reenact what happened?!?!?  This is where kids killing each other and people go there on holiday.  There is something seriously wrong with this!  Did this bother anyone else?

4. First thoughts when you found out Peeta was with the career kids?

I was shocked.  Then as I thought about it I figured he did it to help protect Katniss.  How better to try to help her than to "befriend" the enemy?  It goes with the saying...Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

I also found it interesting that Katniss automatically assumeed that he was helping the careers track her down.  She either forgot (unlikely) or didn't totally believe that he loves her.  Or she just can't understand that he is will to sacrifice himself to help save her.  It's a foreign concept to her and because she doesn't think like that, she doesn't understand that other people do.

5. I have a love for Rue from the start, What do you think about her "helping"(read: not killing when she could) Katniss? Should Katniss trust her?

 I think it's great.  Rue has been drawn to Peeta & Katniss since they were in training.  She was following them around.  If I remember correctly Peeta caller he their shadow.  If they had met under different circumstances they would have been friends

Given the fact that Rue pointed out the nest instead of letting Katniss find out for herself shows that she's trustworthy.  If you're Katniss anyway.  I think Katniss should trust her.

6. "Favorite" part of the book so far?

I like the descriptions of the culture and technology.  Can you imagine taking a shower there?  How about drying your hair...I'd love for my hair to be dry in seconds!  Or how about the hovercraft?  Or speaking into a microphone and having the steaming hot food appear?   Or how about the muttations of the tracker jackers?  Or the jabber jays?  Can you imagine the havoc these can cause?

It's also interesting to consider what the future could look like.  This book has made me think of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and Lois Lowry's The Giver.  It's kind of sad to think about we, as a race, could become.

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  1. I don't find it horrible for them to consider it a historic site because at the very least they are making a memorial out of it in sorts. At least they acknowledge what happened there and maybe even "fans" to visit the site and families of that kid.

  2. I just thought it was strange for people to go there. I mean I guess I can understand it being a historical sight because they're making their own children fight to the death, but I did think it was weird that people could go there on holiday. I loved that Katniss had Rue as a friend. Even for just a short while, it showed that some of them could be trusted and didn't just want to kill.

  3. The historic site thing bothered me until I thought about it a little more. We keep everything having to do with war or a devastating event(ie. The twin towers, many places having to do with the holocaust then the world wars and the civil war here in the U.S) "historic". Even though this is not a war they look at it as something that changes their history, even if it is each month. I'm more glad they don't just rip them down and forget it ever happened. Even if their way of honoring it it messed up they are still honoring it. Those kids should be remembered.

  4. I meant every year not each month. oops.

  5. I agree with a lot of your stuff. Especially the part when you said keep your friends close, your enemies closer. I felt that exact same way when I heard he "joined" them.

    I am kind of mixed on them making the arena historical spots. I think reenacting the death of children is horrible (although I guess they do do it with wars and a lot of people who have died in wars are around the same age) but on the other hand it may give the families closure if you went to where your son/daughter died. It's almost like when people hang ribbons or leave mementos on trees or streets where people are killed at not just there grave site.

  6. I tried to respond to you guys through email but couldn't:( I think what bothered me most is knowing that the families wouldn't be the ones visiting. They're not allowed to visit the capital unless invited, so never mind visiting the arena. And the Capitol people go, not to remember the tributes but for pure entertainment. That's all the games are to them...entertainment. I do understand what you guys mean by the whole historic angle but I think I'm just stuck on the fact that I don't think they mean as a memorial at all. We don't reenact about the gladiators or the Christians being eaten by the lions in Rome do we? And to me the games have the same quality of those things. It's also quite possible I'm reading WAY too much into it:)


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