December 16, 2010


I was looking at my past posts and realized that I never shared the cuteness that lives with my parents.  They also have two cats and a dog.  All three are very spoiled.  Not that I'm one to talk because my furbabies are extremely spoiled as well.

First up is Poekitten, from whom I took my name.  She used to be my cat; I got her when I was 16.  I remember driving home from the shelter with her crying the whole way.  I had one hand on the wheel and the other trying to pet her through the carrier to make her stop crying.  She still cries when she's put in a carrier.  She hates to travel.  Anyway, I tried to take her but my parent's wouldn't let me.  They say I abandoned her when I went to college & then Asia.  Oh well, I know that she has a great home with my parents!

She loves to sleep in clean laundry!

She also likes to eat and will cry until you feed her
Poe has two brothers.  One of them is Dale Thomas.  Yes, my parent's cat has a middle name.  They also call him DT.  I like to call him Fat Cat.  He's an extremely large orange tabby.  He is very sweet and can run pretty fast considering his size.  Mom calls him the most handsome boy in the world.  I disagree with this but that's OK.

DT was a cute kitten

Getting love from him mama
Peeking around the corner to check out Molly
Fat cat.  He lost some weight and is now 18.5 lbs.

The newest furbaby is Joey.  My dad retired in June and was feeling lonely while staying home all day.  I convinced Mom that a dog would be a great companion for Dad.  She agreed.  She didn't want a large dog so they looked at some smaller sized dogs.  They decided on a beagle.  They found an adorable 14 inch beagle.  He's 3 years old and full of energy.  He doesn't walk he bounces.  His name should be Tigger.  He got along pretty well with Miss Molly but they were jealous of each other.  While we were there he started to play with tennis balls like Molly.  He hasn't touched one since we left.  Miss Molly wanted to chew on his rawhide bones.  I bought her one when we got home and she wants nothing to do with it.  Oh, silly puppys!


With his daddy

Nap time

He's not supposed to be on top of the sofa!

Getting love from me

Wondering why his mom & dad left and didn't take him along!

Molly & Joey sharing the sofa

And I can't resist one cute photo of Molly.  It doesn't look comfortable to me but she must have been cause she was snoring!


  1. I love the poochies...and cats too..but i have 2 dogs so im biased! they keep the bed warm when matt sails! Thanks for checking out my page! Love yours

  2. I love the kitties! Makes me sad we can't have them, but I can't wait to see my parent's (read: MY) cat at Christmas!


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