December 6, 2010

A Drive By of Las Vegas

Meg & I were planning on driving by Vegas...the route (who remembers the number?  40? 95?  71? ) brought us right past it.  Since neither of us had been there before, we decided to do a drive by of The Strip.  Using our vast mental powers we figured out what exited we needed (and managed to get it on the first try.  Go us!)  Meg drove and was in charge of not killing us while I took as many pictures as humanly possible.

Vegas Skyline

Just one of many wedding chapels


What are crapless craps?

Take me to your leader...


These are only a tiny fraction of the pictures I have of Vegas.  Really, if you haven't been, you need to see it for yourself.  It's sparkly, glitzy, gaudy, over the top crazy.  As we were at a stop light, I snapped the last picture.  Meg said something along the lines of "We're in the middle of the dessert.  Las Vegas is so fake and over the top and they glory in it.  It's great"  This made me think.  As I was thinking a little thread of discord stirred in my spirit.  She was right.  Vegas is fake and manmade.  Why bother bother going to NYC, Paris and Cairo when you can just come here and see the replica?  Who needs real love when you can have lust?  Who needs hard work when you can gamble and possibly increase your worth?

I will admit that my distaste had been growing the further we drove.  Las Vegas is the ultimate indulgence.  It screams ME ME ME ME ME.  You can have anything you want in Vegas...gambling, sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, fine food, shows.  You name it and it's there.  It promises to fill you up.  It doesn't tell you that it will leave you feeling emptier than before.  What's there is fake and not long lasting.

My spirit was uneasy.  I wanted to flee and get as far away as possible.  There was nothing good for me there.  It would only bring me down and cause me harm.  I am totally OK with never going back.  I know there are people who go and have a good time.  There are people who love it there.  People that I know and am friends with.  I'm not judging them for liking it.  I'm not judging them for going.  I just know it's not for me. 

I want more meaning in my life.  I want what's real.  I want Truth.  Not subjective truth, but upper case T Truth.  Unchangeable, lasting Truth.  I want what is eternal.  I want Love not lust.  I want less of me and more of Christ.  There needs to be less of me and more concern for others. 

I was glad to be out of Vegas.  I was glad to get out of Nevada.  I can safely say I hope I never have to live there.  It's OK, there are still 49 other states to choose from!

*These are my thoughts, feelings and opinions on Las Vegas.  It's totally OK if you disagree with me.  Please comment but keep it nice.  I do realize that there is more to the city than The Strip.  I'm sure it's very different and may be a very nice place to  live.  It still doesn't change my thoughts.


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