December 5, 2010


We made it home about 5:30 last night.  It was wonderful.  Until I realized that I didn't know where my keys were.  We searched the car and couldn't find them.  The nice thing about it being my house is that I was able to figure a way in.  Still haven't found the keys but they'll turn up eventually.

Miss Molly was super excited to be home.  She keeps wanting to go outside to run around.  The kitties were happy too.  Allycat came out first and got lots of Auntie Megan love.  Ig had to hide under the bed and voice his displeasure about me being gone for a month.  Then he headbutted me and the Iggyman love began.  Ig slept with me all night, even with Molly on the bed.  I think he missed me.

On a completely different note, I started a rumor.  You can see it here.  Someone took the post a little to seriously.  We were laughing about it when it happened, mostly because anything like that freaks Meg out.  It was fun. 

Also, don't forget about the Civil War.  The Ducks take on the Beavers at Corvallis. I can't wait to see how many push ups The Ducks gets to do today!

Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. The rumor is courtesy of my husband! He's a reddit-addict, and I mentioned the fruit thing to him because I thought it was nuts! So he posted it...LOL. I told him not to call it a rumor, but he says if he reads it on a blog it's automatically rumor and not fact. He has a low opinion of blogs (including mine). Sigh.

  2. Yay! Glad you made it home safely.


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