December 3, 2010

Almost Home!

I'm so excited that I'm almost home!  I can't wait to arrive tomorrow.  I'm feeling a little impatient.  I'm glad we didn't try to make it there today.  I'm exhausted and don't think the end of the drive would have went well at all.  I didn't sleep well last night.

We started out in Fallon, NV and made it to Medford, OR.  It was another fun day on the road with Meg.  Thankfully she drove the entire time, even through the snow.  But before the snow came the border inspection.  Yup, we had to stop at the border of California.  They confiscated our apples and oranges (that were probably from CA anyway!), checked our cooler, and manhandled my wreath.  They also took a quick peek in the trunk but thankfully didn't try to look in it....I don't think we could have gotten it repacked.  The man was very nice and gave us a brochure on winter driving.  We needed it!

At first it started to rain and then it turned to snow.  Slowly it started to cover the road.  At one point it we were told (over the am radio station) that if you didn't have chains you would be turned away from going over Mt. Shasta.  Problem:  we didn't have chains.  So we made a slight detour and bought some.  I got the more expensive but easier ones to put on.  We didn't end up needing them but now I have them.  One less thing to worry about!

We found it amusing that they were advertising Maine lobster in Nevada.  Meg's from Maine.  Guess where you can get some amazing Maine lobster?  MAINE!

 Proof we've been inspected

Expensive gas prices!

Pretty CA

We were behind a plow at one point.  Meg learned in NY that this is the safest place to be.  Thanks for the Public Service Video NY!

The road before us

 We just liked the name of the town:  Weeds

 It's pretty when you're not driving in it.

There was a lot of fog too!

The snow is why I didn't want to try and switch the cars now.  I was afraid we would run into snow somewhere!  So far so good though.  We're on I-5 and that will take me home!  Then I get to think about getting the house decorated for Christmas...I'm so behind!


  1. You should have stopped at the Weeds Rest Area. It's a smaller one not to far away from a little airport. It's actually one of the cleanest and nicest ones I've stopped at and there was some nice places for the dogs to run around.

  2. I can't believe they took your oranges! So weird that they have border patrol between states.


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