December 7, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I'm Glad to Be Home!

I had a great time seeing family  & friends in MA but I'm am so so glad to be home.  I feel like I'm behind on Christmas (though I think all of my shopping is done), on blogging and kinda on life in general.

10.  My kitties
How could you not miss these cuties?

9.  The View

I love our view.  We have a larger view now that all the leaves are gone.  We can see the buildings & highway below us too.  I love being able to see water everyday.  I find it so calming.

8.  My bed

Ever since I got this mattress back in 06 I've been unusually attached to it.  For the first two years I hated to travel anywhere cause I missed my bed that much.  I still love it.  It's so comfy and perfect!

7.  My Pillow

 I meant to bring my pillow with my but forgot it.  I was pretty sad.  Some hotel pillows shouldn't even be called a pillow.

6.  My Church

I enjoyed visiting the church I used to go to at home but I really enjoyed being back.  This is where we're supposed to be. 

5.  My friends here

I've made some great friends here.  I missed them while I was gone!  I enjoyed getting together with friends in MA but it wasn't the same.  It was great to catch up but I'm no longer there and apart of everything that's going on.  It made me a little sad but very happy that I have friends here and I'm apart of what's going on here.

4. No longer living out of  suitcase

I went pro at this while living in Asia.  There was a lot of moving in and out in both China & Viet Nam.  I lived out of my suitcase for 2 months in Ha Noi one year.  Not fun.  I only did it for a month this time.  I'm glad to have more choices on what to wear!

3. I can decorate our house for Christmas

It's our first year in our new house and we've been looking forward to decorating it for Christmas since we bought it!  We usually put up our decorations that weekend of Thanksgiving.  I'm slowing getting stuff out.  I have lights on the outside, the tree is up (still undecorated), the nativity it out as are some odds and ends.  I still have stuff to do but am at happy that some stuff is out!

2.  Normal Routine

I love routine.  It was hard for me to remember to take my meds while I was gone but I haven't had that problem since coming home!  I like being able to do the things we normally do.  I wasn't able to keep up with blogs and commenting...I'm trying to catch up!  I'll probably just jump in from now!  I'm also glad where here for the Christmas activities.

1.  The Man

I missed him.  A lot!  I know that separations are apart of life, especially if you're a Milspouse.  I just don't like to have more than are necessary!

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What do you enjoy most when you return home from traveling?


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