December 8, 2010


I finally got a WA state license.  I had been putting it off but figured since I've been married for over a year now that having a license with my married name would be nice.  Actually, I had to get one cause my MA one is expiring in a few days.  I had been dreading the whole process...who likes to spend a better part of their day at the registry?

I started off by going to the wrong office.  Oops!  The ladies were nice and gave me some options on where I could go.  I went to the one where they said the people are nicer.  Who doesn't like nice people?  I headed up there and managed to find it with no difficulties.  I walked it and it was just about empty.  I waited for 3 minutes for my number to be called.  I went up and was able to get a WA license in my married name.  Nice.  It was super easy.  The only sad part for me is that I failed the eye exam without my glasses.  I've managed to pass it the last 3 times without them.  I couldn't this time so now I must wear my glasses to drive.  Considering I've had glasses since 5th grade and I've been driving for 15 years, that's not bad.

I'll admit I was a little sad when he put a hole in my MA license.  It just seems so final.  I know I don't live there anymore but man, I loved that license.  It was a link back home.  And the picture wasn't too bad.  My mom always laughs at it cause I'm wearing a red fuzzy scarf in it.


  1. did you get the "MILITARY" license? It's chaper than a regular one and it NEVER expires... except if your husband leaves the military, retires, or you want to be a resident of a different state.

  2. I'm with you on being sad about losing the MA license... I still have my MA license (with a corner missing) and one of my MA plates from when I first changed my registration over 4 years ago... and I still have my MA cell number! lol


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