January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Granny

I'd like to share about my grandmother.  Her birthday would have been today, January 3.  Yes, you read that right.  Would have been.  I lost my grandma on September 15, 2010.  I still think about her often.  I'll be shopping and see something sparkly and think "Granny would love that!"  Then I'll remember she isn't here anymore.  It brings a sad smile to face.  Not all memories make me sad and for that I'm thankful.

Along with sparkly things, Granny also loved jewelry.  She had TONS of it in several jewelry boxes, most of it costume jewelry.  While I was in Arkansas for her funeral, Grandpa let us go through her jewelry and take what we wanted.  There was only one piece of jewelry I was interested in.

Growing up, Granny always wore several rings on both hands.  There were two that were my favorite.  One was a spoon ring.  If you've never seen one, it's a ring made out of the handle of a spoon.  My other favorite was a birthstone ring.  It had the birthstones of her children, all eight of them.  I liked it because it was colorful.  I used to sit in her lap and twirl it around her finger.  She would tell me who each of the colors was for when I asked.  My Aunt Mary & I have the same birth month and I used to like to think that the stone was for me as well.  I think I was around 2 when I asked for it the first time.  I kept asking throughout my childhood and I was always given the same answer.  She told me that I could have it...when she died.

I did get it after she died.  There was a little bit of time when we didn't know where it was.  After looking in many places and with lots of prayers, it was found.  I put it on my finger and it was at that moment I knew she was gone.  Having her ring in my possession made her death real for me.  I had waited 28 years for that ring.  It had been 28 years since I first asked for it.  I would have waited 28 more to get it.

I'm not currently wearing the ring.  I was wearing it when I first got home and it fell off.  I couldn't find it for a few weeks and I was extremely upset.  I found it while cleaning out the pantry near the trash can.  It now sits in the rim of a flower pot that sits on our bathroom counter.  I see it everyday, several times a day.  Someday I'll wear it or get the stones set in a different piece of jewelry.  For now, I'm content to see it everyday and remember Granny.

 Happy Birthday Granny.  I love you! 

In a complete side note, I also have the spoon ring.  My mom also found a fake pearl necklace in her collection.  It's one that has a clasp that's meant to be worn in the front with a heart charm hanging from the clasp.  I've been wearing it often.  Granny would have liked that.

Do you have any family jewelry that you treasure?  Why is it important/special to you?


  1. My mom gave me the promise ring my dad gave her. I don't wear it but I do have it.

  2. Aaaaw your grandma sounds like a wonderful person. So sorry for your loss :-( I lost mine nearly 2 years ago and I think of her every single day. I wear her engagement band on my right hand now. My mom took the diamond out of it and my husband had a yellow sapphire put in it's place. I love it so much, those things help keep them alive in our hearts!!

  3. Your post made me think of my grandma's birthstone ring, it only has 2 stones in it. I used to twirl it around her finger, too. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad you can find comfort in your grandma's special jewelry.

  4. This is so sweet. It's great that you have a piece that you can look at and it reminds you of her.

  5. Oh she sounds wonderfully stylish. I wish I had family heirloom jewelry. Happy Birthday to your Grams :)

  6. Your granny was so proud of you Missie, you were always special to her and grampa!! I'm so very happy that you have that part of her, she always said she wanted you to have it. I've remembered her so much today, I really miss Mom. Christmas was hard, cause like you every time I saw something "sparkly" I'd think of how much she would like it!! Love you - your Mom

  7. so sweet! Your garndmother would ahve been proud - she sounds like an amazing woman! Your mom's post just about made me tear up in conjunction with yours!

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