January 19, 2011

Spoiled Take 2

So not only am I spoiled, we have a very spoiled puppy.

What other puppy gets to nap using a pillow?!?

Do you spoil your pets? 

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  1. Doesn't she look like just the best and laziest doggie ever, haha. And, although it wasn't featured in this post, I love the picture of your kitty on your blog button. Cats are hilarious, never a bad personality or lack or weirdness. Stopped by from Travel Babbles, and glad I did! Looking forward to having a better look around :)


  2. I found your blog on Travel Babbles Around the World Wednesday...Every time I complain about my husband traveling, I always think about the spouses of military. I can only imagine how hard it can be when your husband goes out to sea in a submarine for six months at a time...and i thought my husband was not that helpful while planning our wedding...and he was sitting on the couch watching TV right behind me as I made plans.


  3. Yeah our dogs have figured out pillows too. And they are so spoiled but we don't have kids so we spoil our furbabies. I love this pictures!!

  4. She is one adorable spoiled pup!

  5. Oh my goodness, our dog Glenda, is so spoiled. I'm trying to not let her be on the furniture because I would like to have new furniture someday, but she doesn't seem to like that. But I love her!

  6. Found your blog through Travel-Babbles around the world thing:)
    What a beauty sleeping on the pillow! We spoil our siamese cat as well and he is like the King in our house nowadays:))

  7. This may sound a little weird to you, but I WISH I could spoil my dog like this! I was convinced to adopt him a couple summers ago, and I am still a student at college who is not allowed to have animals :( He's a beautiful puppy but he is growing up without me and it makes me sad!

    I am visiting from Travel Babbles Around the World Wednesday. If you would like to visit my site, you can find me at http://nushkoboaiukli-chokvshweki.blogspot.com

  8. Ours had a pillow, but he liked playing with it more than sleeping, but he LOVES his blanket. My MIL made it for him when he was a little wee pup.
    Dogs deserved to be spoiled, they give such wonderful companionship, it's the least we can do :)

  9. How adorable... we are talking about getting a puppy.. however, I think I may be crazy, a puppy and a 7 1/2 month old baby :0)
    I don't know who would be spoiled more, the baby or the puppy :0)

  10. Miss Molly is adorable!! That's what Beauford does - just takes over the couch like he owns the place!


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