January 12, 2011

Spoiled- Wordless Wednesday

I'm spoiled by the fact that my husband likes to cook.  Not only does he like to cook, but he's good at.  In case you don't believe me, here's the proof:

My favorite meal of stuffed pork chops.  I didn't like pork chops until I ate his.  They are AMAZING.

Homemade apple pie.  Crust and all.  Super delicious.

How are you spoiled?


  1. Wow! That looks great! I'm spoiled because my husband drives me to work everyday in the snow.

  2. Umm, yum! Those dishes look awesome. Ha, sadly, I'm not spoiled when it comes to cooking. My husband does so many other things for me, but cooking is strictly my thing!

  3. Wow girly! That looks delicious! You've definitely married a keeper! :-)

  4. Hey, I just noticed, nice plate!!!


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