February 12, 2011

All You Need Is {Love}: Day 6

I know I said I wasn't going to blog on the weekend and yet...here I am.  Does it count that I'm writing it on Friday and not Saturday?  I love that you can schedule posts!  I'm at a business meeting today.  On a Saturday.  It's going to be a great meeting, so I don't mind.  I get to see our new products that are coming out in March and get some training.  Plus, I get to spend the day with some great ladies.  I'll let you know how it goes next week!

I {LOVE} to blog because....

 There are lots of reasons...
1.  It's a creative outlet for me...it's a place for me to vent
2.  I've met some great people...I love my bloggy friends!
3. I'm able to keep friends & family updated on what & how we're going
4.  I love finding new blogs and getting inspired

and I'm sure there are more reasons but it's getting late and my brain isn't working...the 3 hours I spend with eight 4 year olds this afternoon fried my brain (that's a story for another day)...

Why do you love to blog?


  1. EIGHT FOUR YEAR OLDS???? Are you kidding... I can't believe you even had the energy to blog! :o) Smiles and blessings to you today for a GREAT meeting.

  2. Hello! I'm a new follower from the weekend hop.
    Tweeting all your good stuff to my 16,000!
    Freebies 4 Moms

  3. I schedule posts often. Most of my posts are written in this was because I like to publish them early on the morning and just wouldn't have time otherwise.

    Hope you're having a great weekend.
    CJ xx

  4. eight four year olds is a lot to handle.. oh jeez. Blogging is a greta place.!!

  5. your reasons for loving blogging are SO true!

    thanks for linking up again - i'm so glad to have found you and your blog through our challenge!

  6. I'm definitely inspired by all the people I meet on here! Blogging has been such a huge inspiration for me. And I think we definitely learn a lot from our fellow bloggers!

    Thanks for coming back for day 6! Hope your meeting goes well! :)

  7. Bloggy friends are the best!!!!

  8. Just stopping by on the blog hop, and I love it here! Great job :) Looking forward to following you - be blessed!

  9. I love blogging for the same reasons you mentioned, plus it serves as a great way to look back and see what we were doing on any given day this year.

    I was never very good at keeping a journal so my blog is a great way to record memories of our first year(s) of marriage :)


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