February 4, 2011

Friday Fill In

Yay for Friday!  I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend with The Man. What better way to start off the weekend than with the Friday fill in?  Head on over to Wife of a Sailor if you'd like to link up!

1.Since most of the country has had nasty weather, what has your weather been like this week?

It's been sunny and in the high 40's here in the Pacific Northwest.  I think we're going to get rain this weekend.  I really enjoyed the sun while it was here!

 2.  What is/are your best money saving tip(s)?

My best money saving tip...pennies add up, so saving a few cents here and there do matter!

3.  What was your favorite vehicle you’ve ever owned?

 I LOVED Seth, my blue Ford probe I got the summer before I started college.  Seth was the best car ever.  I only  had him for two years because he became unreliable.  I was very sad to sell him!

A close second is my current car.  I enjoy driving it a lot.  I love the keyless entry and start and the moonroof is nice as well. 

4.  What is a question you’d like to see asked in a future fill-in? (Your question & blog just may appear one week!)

If you could only live in one kind of climate for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

5.  Fill in the blank: You might be a MilSpouse if….

you know what a POA, TDY or PCS is...or if you can use numerous other acronyms in everyday life correctly.


  1. I'm all about your 'money saving tip' - I waitress back home during the off season (which last year was late April until late July), and I save all of the spare change that people leave for tips ($3.21, $5.57, .50(cheapskates!)) and that adds up SOOO fast - Just in those few short months I cashed out a tad bit over $300 before we went over to Europe!!! I LOVE CHANGE lol :)

  2. Change is a wonderful thing! Josh spends his and it irritates me to the limit! Of course, we don't have cash that often. I'm thinking of changing that once we get out of the hole again after taxes. I also want to get one of the cards that you can use the program "Save the change" with...that would be AMAZING for me!

    And oh.....acronyms...LOVE them! LoL!

  3. Stopping in from Pass the Puck....I think I would live in a Texas Climate, with Snow from December 23rd until December 27th. Then SUN and WARMTH!!


  4. Even my children have started using acronyms :)

    Have a great weekend!


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