March 28, 2011

New Door Part I

One of the things we love about our house is all the doors and windows.  Before we bought it all of the windows and doors were replaced...except for two.  There are two sliding doors that were old, single pain aluminum doors they they kept.  We think they kept it them because they are expensive to replace.  It's possible they are original to our 1940's house.  One of the doors was in our bedroom and when you stood in the room you could feel the heat leaving the house.  It just flew by you.  Our room tended to be on the cold side.  We countered by cuddling under a microfiber sheets, a down comforter, a quilt and a fuzzy blanket.

Even though it's March we decided that it was time to replace the door.  Thank you tax return!  The sliding door was 8 ft wide.  Most doors in the store are only 6 ft.  You have to special order the wider doors and they get expensive.  So The Man came up with a plan.  The plan included buying 6 ft French doors and putting in glass bricks on either side.  The image was great in our heads so we decided to try it.  He even built himself a drafting table so he could draw it out.

So The Man got what he needed and on Saturday got to work.  He started by making the frame for the glass bricks and then worked on taking out the old door.

The old door didn't want to come out.  It's been in there for YEARS and was quite happy where it was.  It obviously didn't take our hints that he wouldn't be staying around much longer.  The first door came out no problem.  The second one was a bit harder.  This is what happened:

Classic.  It was awesome!  Thankfully we had purchased a 20 gallon shop vac.  It came in handy!  The frame didn't want to come out either but our new yellow crowbar was able to convince it otherwise.

All of that was before lunch.  Once the frame was out The Man took a break to enjoy some chicken soup that I made.  Soup that was delicious enough that he didn't have to add salt to!  That's saying a lot as he adds salt to EVERYTHING.

Stay tuned for part II


  1. Oooo! Looks like quite a job! Looking forward to see how it all comes out.

  2. Isn't it nice to have a handy Man? Looking forward to seeing the end results.

  3. I think it looks fun, there's alot of ways to fill the gap you have. Instead of glass bricks I would of secured a couple 2x4 studs on each side, insulate the center, secure a 1 in treated wood plate on both sides, paint it white on the outside and have built in small shelves for plants on the outside and possibly on the inside too. Use your imagination, I think yours wills look nice too. Good Luck!

  4. Oh my gosh, girl, what a mess!!! LOL You have the some serious patience!

    Looking forward to the end product!


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