March 27, 2011

Fort Lewis Help

Hey lovely readers...

I have a question for you.  I had a friend from high school contact me and ask if I was at Fort Lewis.  I'm not.  But I know that some of you are.  She's had a friend recently move there and is looking for some resources for her, like mom's groups.  Do you guys know of any?  If not, any ideas on where she should check?  I would have told her to check with her Ombudsman (that's what we call our liaison with the command...not sure what the Army equivalent is, if there is one.) 

Thanks for your help!


  1. When she gets to Lewis the command should have FRG people who meet/greet to help out. Plus the units are pretty good at getting to know the "new guys" I'm not a parent, but my boyfriend is at Lewis and they have the CDC and sometimes there are play groups that meet up. I'd check out any bulletin boards in the CDC or around base.

    Also getting on FB and finding a group maybe attached to FT. Lewis moms?

  2. We're stationed at Ft. Lewis. I would suggest that she start off by talking to the company or brigades FRG (family readiness group). They'll give her all the resources she could ever need!

  3. I am at Fort Lewis (for about another 6 weeks). I definitely agree. I would start with the CDC. They have lots of information on anything to do with children (: Also there are a lot of MOPS groups out here (depending on where she's living). The website for MOPS is and she can look up groups in her area.
    If she needs anything at all, don't hesitate to ask :)

  4. She can add me on fb. I am at Lewis :) but also add the MANY Ft Lewis Wives Fb pages. I am on there as well. They post all the event. Ppl host play dates and what not and I am sure they can answer any questions. :)


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