April 13, 2011

More Facts About Me

Aren't you excited?  You get to learn more about me.  I know you've been waiting on the edge of your seat waiting for this.  I don't want to keep you in suspense anymore so here we go....
He's the best!

1.  I have the best husband EVER.  Hands down, no contest.  Sorry ladies!  (Though I'm sure you all think the same thing!)
2.  I love sewing. 
3.  I don't do clothes.  Only quilts and things like that.
4.  I used to wear heels to teach.  I taught middle school and needed to be a little taller than the kids.
5.  I love to wear ballet flats.

6.  I finally found a doctor at the Navy hospital that I like!  Hopefully they don't leave soon.
7.  I don't mind waiting for prescriptions at the pharmacy.  I enjoy the people watching!
8.  The Man is a movie buff.  I just watch them with him.  Most of the time!
9.  I don't like scary movies. 
10.  I'm afraid of being afraid.

11. I just started watching Army Wives.  I've been sucked in. 
12.  The Man doesn't want me to watch it cause he says it will make me cry.  It did.  Once.
13.  I prefer being hot to being cold.
14.  Low 80's with low-mid humidity would be perfect for me.
15.  I'm slightly addicted to Bejeweled Blitz.

16.  I have out of control allergies.  They suck!
17.  Said allergies are not helping my asthma.  It's anything but under control.
18. My beverage of choice is water.
19.  Or tea
20.  Or cranberry juice

21.  I love cheese.  It's yummy and makes my tummy happy.
22.  I was very lactose intolerant when I was a kid.  I used to eat my Cheerios with orange juice instead of milk.
23.  I don't enjoy baking very much.  It's too precise!
24.  I enjoy camping a lot.  Rain is not an excuse to go home!
25.  I currently have the munchies.  I've had a banana, green beans and a piece of cake.  I think I'm hitting the GS cookies next!

26.  My favorite GS cookie is Samoas. 
27.  My second favorite are Tagalongs. 
28.  I'm tone deaf.  Can't hear the tones in music or in languages.
29.  It's really hard to learn Chinese when you can't here the tones.
30.  I love my camera.  It's a Canon digital Rebel and I've had it since 04.

31.  The older I get, the more I appreciate Easter.
32.  I've started reading the Percy Jackson series.  It's good!
33.  I didn't eat any kind of beef other than hamburger for 10 years.
34.  I didn't like the texture.
35.  I now LOVE steak.

36.  I didn't eat sour cream for years either.  I tried it cause some got on a potato skin. YUM!
37.  I now LOVE sour cream.  There are times I order Mexican just so I can have sour cream.
38.  I don't like to be cold.
39.  I went on two mission trips to Haiti while in high school.  I helped build a school (same one both years)
40.  I also went on two trips to Mexico.  I helped build a house.

41.  My favorite part to work on when building the house?  Putting the shingles on. 
42.  I like lemon in my water.
43.  Orange in water is good too.
44.  My favorite fruit is blueberries.  I do not like blueberry flavored things.
45.  I like to eat grapes but don't like grape flavored things.

46.  I don't really like grape jelly.  Raspberry jelly is my favorite.
47.  I don't have a smart phone and don't have a data plan...and I like it that way.
48.  I'm looking forward to planting our garden.  Hopefully this weekend!
49.  I'm really bad at getting to the post office.  It takes me awhile to packages mailed.
50.  I took too long to finish my list and the linky @ Megan Writes is closed.  Oh well!

There ya go.  100 things about me.  The last few were hard to come up with.


  1. Haha I have to finish my 100 Facts also. I'm a slacker!

    I love cranberry juice also :-)

  2. These are fun to read! I think we all think we have the best husband, but I think that's how it's supposed to be! Ballet flats are my favorite and I love Army Wives! I've watched from the beginning.

  3. I stopped at #'s 9 and 10....brrrrrrrr...hate scary movies and being afraid too.

    Seems that everytime someone posts about this, I go home and, that night, that horrible movie "Jeepers Creepers" shows up on my channel guide. Gives me some major chills because I half-watched it once and had to turn it off.

    Guaranteed, it'll show up again tonight...:(((((

  4. Love this! Very cool to know little things about the bloggers you read that you wouldn't get from the everyday, what is going on in life, posts.

  5. Okay, here are some other important things about you
    1. Your are only 5'1"
    2. Your are tender hearted and cry easily
    3. You are the perfect daughter
    4. You were the MOST beautiful bride
    5. You are much loved by your family
    6. You'll always be "daddy's little girl"
    7. You love HIM unconditionally
    8. You only wear a size 6 shoe & preferrably
    9. You are a very giving person
    10. I love you so much it hurts!!
    11. I'm very happy that you are happy
    12. I think you sew beautifly
    13. I think you have a beautiful smile
    14. I think you have gorgeous hair
    15. I'm your mom and all these things are true!!

  6. LOL, just read your mom's list up there...so cute!

    I also only own a "dumb" phone, and I'm okay with that too!


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