April 12, 2011

Unhappy Campers

The furbabies are slightly very unhappy with me.  Since seeing my doctor and talking about my asthma and how it's related to my allergies, I've had to think about our furbabies.  I'm allergic to them.  There is no way we will get rid of them...they are part of our family!  So we've started keeping them out of our bedroom.  This is the cause of the unhappiness since our bed is their favorite place to sleep.  They don't seem to realize that it's OUR bed.  They think it's THEIRS.  They keep sitting outside the door looking at it.  They are just confused and don't understand.  Since I removed a big comfy bed I decided that I would make on for them.  Pretty easy, right?  Right.  It's kinda small cause I was using leftover minky fabric along with some random cat fabric I won years ago in a raffle.  Iggymans helped...he tried eating the stuffing:

He needs more fiber in his diet!

Alley Cat fell in love with the pillow right away but it's taken Iggy a little longer.  Iggymans is now used to it and they both sleep on it sometimes.
Alley pouting on his new bed
Brotherly love
 Don't feel too bad for them.  We let them in the bedroom with us at night.  They've slept with me since I got them 4 years ago....to just kick them out seems mean.  So yes they're still on the bed but for a lot less time.  Less time=less cat hair on the bed.  Less cat hair=better sleep for me.


  1. Such gorgeous kitties. Hope they settle soon. It can't be easy to change a kitty's routine. Glad to hear that you are feeling better though. Have a wonderful week.

  2. They are too stinkin' cute! I love the picture of both of them cuddled together.

  3. Oh, they look so cute on their new pillow!

  4. Of course they think it's THEIR bed. To them, they're the stars and you're just an extra. Hopefully they can adjust. The bed you made them is great, and they are too cute!

  5. Love that pic of the babies sleeping together. I have two cats (and two dogs), so I can relate to them being family. Glad you found a solution and the babies are happy. :)

  6. Oh! The poor babies! I can't believe you'd be so mean to them! j/k.

    Good job on the "bed" and I'm glad they have a new comfy place to rest.

  7. Oh furbabies. They think they rule the house! Glenda thinks our bed is actually hers. Every morning as soon as we get up, she jumps in bed. Hopefully your allergies get a little bit better!

  8. It's amazing how guilty furbabies can make you feel; they actually "pout", walk around, shuffling their paws with their heads down, lol

    Such drama!

    Hope you feel better and they forgive you!

  9. Okay, my two furbabies share a king size bed and they still insist on sleeping on me!!! We all squeeze into this little bit of bed with my feet hanging off - do we see a problem here??? I'm a bit jealous that yours sleep together mine sleep on the same bed but no near each other, one on my hip and the other at my feet!! I miss Alleycat & Iggyman.


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