April 3, 2011

New Door Part II

After lunch we decided that we needed to get back to work (if you missed what we did before lunch, be sure to go back and catch up).  Since the frame was out we were now able to put in the frames that The Man made for the glass bricks.

It turns out the the door wasn't perfect so one side was a little smaller than the other.  Fun times for The Man.  I was just there to take pictures.  Once both sides were in, we signed them.  We signed the one the left with our real names and the one on the right with our bloggy names.  We're cool like that.

Once that important business was taken care off, I helped The Man carry the French doors over.  There aren't any pictures since I was busy helping.  The door was a little heavy but I managed.  Once we got it almost in place The Man did his magic and got it in.

Miss Molly supervised
Once the door was in place we were super excited.  We LOVED the way it looked.  We were very excited to get the glass blocks in.  The rest of the day had a high level of excitement because the project was taking shape before our eyes and we were LOVING it!  The Man had to run out to get a few things so we could continue.  Once he returns, project glass block commenced.

 I helped cut out the blue insulation thingies while The Man put the blocks in place and sealed them on the outside with clear silicone.  Iggy Mans was intrigued by the changes and kept sticking his head out when the lower blocks were missing.  I tried to get a picture but wasn't fast enough.  Alley Cats kept sniffing around the door...he was trying to figure out how to stage a jail break.  He hasn't been successful yet.  Give him time though.  Dad's in cahoots with him!

The door isn't finished but there is no draft and we can already tell a difference.  Our bedroom is so much warmer!  We love the way it looks!  We just have some finished touches to do...paint the frame around the glass blocks and put molding around it.  Here's what it looks like at the moment:

From the inside
From the outside
 The Man thinks I'm mean that I made you guys wait to see the finished project.  I apologize for it being so long!  I didn't mean to make you wait so long.  Thanks for being patient!


  1. Ooh, you guys did a great job! That looks fantastic :)

  2. What a cute idea that you signed the doors :)

  3. Looks awesome - great job!! And to think I have about 40 of those blocks just laying around collecting dirt - wish you lived closer.

  4. Awesome work!! I feel the need to go to Lowe's now.

  5. Wow! That actually looks really good. Makes me long for the day when we can own a home and do whatever we want to it.

  6. The doors look great! You guys are pros :)

  7. I love that look. The glass blocks around the doors made it even more cool...artsy even. Good job!

  8. It looks fantastic and I love that you guys signed the frame, true labor of love :)


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