May 7, 2011

Things I Want to Do In The Pacific Northwest

I saw this yesterday on a blog I recently started following, Living for Today, Dreaming About Tomorrow and it looked like fun.  I didn't do yesterday's prompt but I'm going to do the one for today.  The Wives of Faith blog is hosting the bog carnival for Military Spouse Appreciation and you submit your link in the comments.  I'm looking forward to reading what others want to do in their areas!

List 11 fun things you want to see or do in your current duty station/place you live/or if you’re moving, list 11 things you want to do in your upcoming duty station location!

  1. Go camping on the Olympic peninsula
  2. Eat at the top of the Space Needle
  3. Hike on/around Mt. Rainer
  4. Hike on/around Mt. St. Helen's
  5. Get a membership to the Pacific Science Center and visit often
  6. Visit Vancouver, BC (The Man needs to get his passport first!)
  7. Go to the tulip festival
  8. Go to the lavendar festival
  9. Spend the day at Ruby beach
  10. Go camping on the Oregon Coast
  11. Spend the weekend in Ocean Shores, WA

There are 11 things I'm looking forward to doing in the Pacific Northwest. It wasn't hard to come up with a list of 11 things...I could have kept going!  I've kinda done some of them.  For example, I've been to the top of the Space Needle but haven't eaten at the restaurant.  We've spent about an hour and Ruby beach but I want to spend more time there and We've visited Ocean Shores but only for a night.  I want more time there!

What are some things you'd like to do where you're living?


  1. Hey, if you ever want to tackle the Oregon coast, I can be your guide! You have to eat at Moes and see Haystack rock, and go to seaside and the Candy Man...amongst other things. :)

  2. We went to the Tillamook cheese factory while we were there, Camp Rilea had camping at that point; Fort Canby is great, and Pacific Beach AFRC! Loved living in WA just need a light box if we come back! :P ... gorgeous and so fun, our kids loved watching the boats at Ballard Locks too....always more to do than just 11! (although I have no desire to go to the top of the needle! LOL)

  3. I've always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest, but short of planning a vacation, have never had a reason to go. Thank you for sharing your list!

  4. ocean shores is amazing...such a great place. The tulip festival is also quite beautiful! Vancouver is so much fun. We always stay close to Granville st and if you end up going and need some great places to go to feel free to ask me!

  5. Washington is so beautiful. You have a great list! I hope you're able to accomplish each and every one of the adventures. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I grew up around there and your list brings back memories. I would LOVE to have the chance to follow your list!

  7. i just moved away from the PNW a few weeks ago after living there for 4.5 years, and I NEVER did any of the things on your list! I wanted to eat at the Space Needle, but I heard from several people that the food was nasty and over priced, so I never went. :-( Well, I hope that you are able to do all the things on your list!

  8. When you go to St Helens, check out the Ape Cave lava tubes too:

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  10. We loved that area. We lived in Tacoma while the hubby was stationed at Ft. Lewis. Never visited Canada though. :( ~Maybe next time. Thanks for Sharing! :)

  11. My friend moved to Washington because her husband is in the Navy, too. Once I saw her tulip festival pictures I knew I needed to get out there and see those beautiful flowers.


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