May 6, 2011


I admit that I'm a softy when it comes to animals, mostly cats & dogs.  I love them.  Thankfully The Man does too!  We've agreed that we have enough furbabies with the two kitties and the puppy.  We did try getting another dog but it didn't work out.  The Man also likes to joke that it's his job to keep me from becoming the crazy cat lady.  The sad thing is that there's some truth in that!

Last week I had the window open and heard a few meows.  It didn't sound like one of mine and when I looked at them they were both sleeping.  I looked around outside but didn't see any kitties.  A couple of days later it was nice again and I had the sliding door open getting some fresh air in the house.  I hear a meow and I look up and on the porch by the door in an orange kitty. I got up and went over to the screen and he started meowing some more.  He looked thin so I got a bowl and got some kitty food for him.  Well, hearing me put some food in a bowl woke up my boys and they came to investigate.  The stood by the door and just started at him.  When I put the food bowl out he gobbled up the food like he hadn't eaten in weeks!  My boys weren't the happiest that I was sharing their food but I just couldn't let that kitty go hungry.  What if he belongs to someone and he's lost?  If my boys got out and got lost I would want someone to feed them!  I'm also well aware that the kitty might hang around if we keep feeding him.  I'm OK with that too!  The  kitty was still here when The Man came home and he got some love from both of us.  He's super friendly.

We decided that if he stays around and he has no owners we'll take him in.  I put a listing on Craigslist and have one that might fit.  I just haven't seen the kitty again.  The food bowl is empty this morning so I'm hopeful that he came and ate last night after we went to bed.


Alley Cat's watching the new kitty eat.

Allen is easily distracted while Ig doesn't take his eyes off the visitor

Going back for more


  1. Once J's mom and I were out in their hot tub when a large furry animal came up in the dark. We thought it was a skunk or possum at first but it turned out to be a hungry cat that heard our voices and came over to say hello...thank goodness!

    I'm a softie for animals too and hope little orange kitty comes back soon :)

  2. the photo of your kitties checkin' out the orange kitty through the sliding glass door...especially Ig! :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

    We are out of town, so not able to do much blog stuff, but wanted to thank you for stopping by, linking up, and commenting for a chance to win one of the Personalized Sketches art that I do. ...Hope you come back any time. ...and whoohoo! I am so happy that the linky works! We left for the drive out of state and I couldn't check to see if it was working until late, late last night when we arrived! Thanks for your help. I love the thumbnail link up.

  3. Hi there, I found you on FTLOB. I'm also a softie when it comes to cats....I found a stray kitten outside work once, and wanted to take it home, but was afraid it would be scared and run off during the travel, that involved tram and bus. Next day I was delighted to hear a neighbour took care of it. I love the pictures you posted. I once had an orange cat. He was a madman :)


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