June 29, 2011


A friend recently told me about the Bandix Dog Park in Olalla.  Like all the other dog parks I've been too it's off leash but I what like about it is that it's huge and there are trails for you to walk along with your pup.  It's great!  We met our friends there and had a great time.  Molly can't wait to go back.

Molly meeting Dante & Hudson


I love it here mom!

Where does this trail go?


  1. Looks like fun! My parents' American Eskimo loves the dog park...their Golden Retriever, not so much...she ends up peeing on herself and hiding in the corner. No parks for her!

    P.S. I love the name--perfect for a dog park :)

  2. fun i love dog parks me and buster pretty much live at ours, its nice that its in the top ten of the country. However this park looks a little bit more green looks like a blast!

  3. We have a dog park locally but...always problems with aggressive dogs and stupid owners. Makes it so difficult to bring your pups and have them socialize with others that are friendly.

    This one sounds terrific!

  4. Looks like fun! We have a dog park that's very close to our house & Gunner LOVES it. He nudges his leash each night when I get home from work, in hopes of guilting me into a trip. I usually give in because I hate that he's cooped up in the house while I'm at work all day. Can't wait to check out the PNW dog parks :)

  5. I wish we could take Mazda to an off-leash park.. but he gets way to tunnel visioned.. & then don't listen worth crap. Even at the one we go to where he has to stay on leash he ends up just licking pee most of the time & then foaming everywhere.. "No... I swear, my pug don't have rabies.. he's just, well.. weird..."

  6. This looks like a lot of fun! We don't have any dog parks where I live. Every few months people talk about making one, but so far, nothing has ever come of it. I bet my dog would love one though!


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