June 28, 2011

Point No Point

During leave there was some beautiful weather so we decided to head to Point No Point.  Here's our day in pictures:

Point No Point Lighthouse

Molly in Action

Throw the ball dad, throw the ball!

You can barely see it but the Seattle skyline in there!

She must put her head between your legs to drop the ball!

We found a clam

Low tide beach
In the water
She was worn out and slept all the way home


  1. Looked like a nice, peaceful day! I need one of those!!

  2. Molly is too cute! It looks very pretty there!

  3. That's not far from where I live. Point No Point and Fort Worden are two of my favorite beaches around here ... so far.

  4. Awww pictures like this make me miss having a dog around--there is nothing like playing with a pup in the water!

  5. looks like a wonderful day. I love going up there... though it's been quite awhile since I have.

  6. Looks like a relaxing day :) I'm eager to embrace the outdoors of PNW soon!!!

  7. This was one of my grandma's favorite places in Washington. She always talked about her visits to Point No Point. Looks like you had fun!

  8. There was a Point No Point club in Philadelphia many years ago that my grandma and grandpa frequented... and I just go nostalgic! What a beautiful trip :D

  9. Beautiful! I would love to visit there!
    I'm a new follower.
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