June 22, 2011

A Growing Garden

Things in our garden growing!  This is very exciting for me since I have a black thumb.  This was obvious in the killing of the herbs I started.  I got some pots to start them again and hopefully this time I won't kill them because I LOVE fresh herbs.


Strawberry that I didn't get to eat...a critter got it.
Sugar Snap peas...they're yummy!


I've gotten so good I can grow weeds!

I do have some more pictures but I'm feeling lazy and picnik is acting up.  I'll keep you updated on how the garden grows!

How's your garden growing? 

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  1. i totally want to make my own herb garden but since i have no grass in my backyard its kind of hard. im thinking of getting one of those rectangle pots and growing them there, i need to get to it!

  2. Love those peas and that lettuce! My Strawberries are peeking out but I'm sure the critters will get to them before I do; meant to plant Strawberry Pots on my decks but didn't get to it.
    Have Yarrow and other "Deer Resistant" plants here and there, seems to be helping flowers survive that usually get chomped-on every year.

    Those weeds aren't half-bad, lol; kinda pretty in their own way!

  3. lol...I'm good at growing weeds too! Your garden is looking great :-)

  4. Sigh...we don't have a garden this year. I killed a dill and cilantro plant earlier this year and with the move coming up, I didn't have the heart to start over. Our next apartment has a balcony so I hope to grow some fall crops (maybe!) in a planter once we move :)

  5. Hey looking really good! Maybe your thumb isn't so black after all. My wife and I are very much like yourself in that usually we end up killing everything with very little effort!


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