June 21, 2011


Bathroom cleaned...Check
Bed made...Check
Laundry washed, dried, folded and put away...check
House dusted....um no.  Waiting on that
Fridge/Pantry stocked...Check
Got firewood...check
Got tiki torch oil...check
Potato Salad made...Check
Cookies made...Check
Make up & hair done...Check
Called Ombudsman to get time....no answer
Put candles around... check
Spent time on Facebook & Twitter...check
Moved up to #1 on my Zuma Blitz board...check
Caught up on blogs...check
Taken the puppy out several times....check
Straighten pillows that don't need straightening...check
Cleaned the counter tops again...check

More waiting 
More waiting still.  

This is the life of a Navy wife.  
Of an Army wife.  
Of a Marine wife.  
Of an Air Force wife. 
Of a Coast Guard wife.  
Of a National Guard wife. 
Of a Reserve wife.  

Waiting is a way of life. 
wait to move,
wait for leave,
wait for orders,
wait to have a baby,
wait to buy a house.


As I write this, my husband is coming home today.  
I don't know what time he pulls in.
I don't know where I'll pick him up.
All I know is that he's coming home today.

So I wait.
For a phone call.
For information.

It's only been about month.

A month without:

My best friend,
My sounding board,
Someone to cook for,
among other things.
A month alone.

And yet, 
A month is short.  
A blink of an eye with out your husband.
In the milspouse world, only a month is cause for envy.
In a world of 3, 6, 9, 12 month deployments
a month is nothing.

And once your man is home again in your arms
Another countdown begins.
It's in the back of your head.
You don't speak it.
You don't share it.
You don't acknowledge it.
But it's there.
The countdown until your man leaves again.
Until then,
you enjoy every moment.
Hold on to every laugh.
Savor every kiss.

Because before you know it,
Before you're ready,
It's time for him to leave.

The waiting begins.

*This was written about a week ago while I was waiting for info on when The Man was pulling in.  I did finally get the information I was waiting for and was able to pick him up with no waiting for either of us.


  1. Love this blog post! I'm glad you were able to pick him up without having to do any waiting!

  2. Love this post! So perfectly said :)

  3. So true! I haven't gotten much better at waiting either. You would think that I would improve with all the practice I get, but nope. We are "waiting" right now too, but aren't we always?

  4. What a great piece! Although, I must admit that it totally made my heart jump into my throat because I made a comment previously about him being home - and then I thought I misunderstood & you never corrected me! Whew. Very excited for you to be back with The Man for a bit :)

  5. Awesome blog post! I am sorry I didn't see this earlier! Happy for you that your hubby is coming home! Homecomings are always always awesome!

  6. This was brilliant, and so true. (And thank you for including the good old Guard!) I've had even less time to wait- only 2 weeks- but waiting just plain sucks!


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